QuickBasic Expression Evaluator


What It Does

"EVAL" is a shareware command-line QuickBasic mathematical expression evaluator. Supply it a mathematical expression in QuickBasic syntax, and it will give you the numeric answer. The syntax for using EVAL is:

eval [expression$]

where [expression$] may consist of any level of parenthesis nesting using numeric constants, the symbolic constant 'PI', the mathematical signs ^ * / + - \ or any of the following functions:

SIN()      COS()      ATN()      SQR()     ABS()     EXP()
INT()      LOG()      SGN()      TAN()     CINT()    SINH()
MOD        NOT        AND        OR        XOR       EQV      IMP
COSH()     ARCSIN()   ARCCOS()   LOG10()

Numeric input constants can be decimal, octal, hexadecimal, or scientific notation. Output numbers can be decimal, octal, or hexadecimal. Correct algebraic hierarchy is observed.

EVAL is essentially like a scientific calculator, so why not just use a calculator? Because if you register this shareware, you will get the QuickBasic source code for EVAL! With source code, you can incorporate this expression-solving capability into your QuickBasic, QBasic, or Visual Basic projects. The source code will also show you how you can extend EVAL to recognize more functions and symbolic constants.

Download now a free DOS executable version of Eval.

Shareware registration (including source code) is $50.

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   EVAL Command Line                 Numeric Answer
   -----------------                 -----------------
   eval 3*(10+25.5/14)               35.46428571428572
   eval hex$(&hE0 + 1900)            84C (hex)
   eval sinh(-1.3e-2)                -1.300036616976079D-02
   eval cos(.7*pi)                   -.587785252292473
   eval oct$((3+&h3A+&o10)^3)        1201475 (octal)


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