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LaserJet Bitmapped Font Editor

Edit your LaserJet bitmapped fonts with FontEdit, the LaserJet bitmapped font editor for DOS.

FontEdit requires VGA/EGA/CGA/Herc or AT&T video. A mouse is optional. You fonts can be portrait or landscape, fixed or proportional, and FontEdit can convert between them. FontEdit handles up to 110 pt (VGA), 80 pt (EGA), 88 pt (Herc & AT&T), or 44 pt (CGA). You can sculpt individual pixels, or use the many built-in special effects and area shapes. FontEdit can import characters from black & white .PCX, .TIF, or other soft fonts. FontEdit has many other features.

A free shareware version of FontEdit is available here. The shareware version allows you to edit your fonts and download them to the printer, but does not save them. For that, you will need to register and receive the enhanced version. Shareware registration is $30.

Click Here to read the FontEdit user's manual in PDF format. (Manual will display in a new window. Close window to return to this web page.)

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Visa & Mastercard are also accepted in the USA and certain foreign countries through the PayPal on-line payment system. There is no extra cost to you to use PayPal, and for a limited time PayPal will give you a credit of $5 for signing up with them. You don't need to order any of my products to claim your $5 credit. NOTE: The PayPal site will open in a separate browser window.

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Outside the USA, credit card registrations for FontEdit are accepted and processed by the DigiBuy, where it is available as Product Code 93886840597. [Read about DigiBuy] To order FontEdit with your Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or Discover, Click Here.

Alternate credit card payment methods also available.

Technical Support
and non-credit card orders by mail:

Alexander Walter
P.O. Box 741
Middletown, NJ.  07748

(800) 262-0827   (USA & Canada only)
(609) 504-4804   (outside USA & Canada)
(708) 575-3865   (fax)

Other Shareware and Font-Related Products

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* TrueType to LaserJet Bitmapped Font Converter

* UUencode & UUdecode. Translates binary files to/from ASCII so they can be e-mailed across mail systems that otherwise corrupt binary mail. Source code available -- can easily be incorporated into Visual Basic projects.

* PCLdiet shrinks the size of PCL graphics files by using PCL more efficiently. It generates a "skinny" PCL file by replacing portions of your original "fat" PCL file with more efficient PCL commands understood by your LaserJet. A 60% - 70% reduction in size is typical. If your "fat" PCL file contains lots of straight lines and boxes, up to a 90% reduction in file size can be obtained.

* QuickBasic math expression evaluator, with source code suitable for any Basic or Visual Basic project.

Further Information

Payment (unless otherwise noted) is accepted in US dollars by company or personal check drawn on a bank in the USA, money order, traveler's checks, cash, Western Union wire transfer (call for details), or COD via US Mail.

For further information, contact me at the address, or phone number below, or
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Alexander Walter
P.O. Box 741
Middletown, NJ.  07748

(800) 262-0827 (USA & Canada only) (609) 504-4804 (outside USA & Canada) (708) 575-3865 (fax)

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