The Feeding Trough

The Feeding Trough

The Bradley Foundation, "The Bell Curve" and the Real Story Behind W-2, Wisconsin's National Model for Welfare Reform.

An Investigative Report by Phil Wilayto Coordinator, A Job is a Right Campaign, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The welfare "reform" program developed in the U.S.A. by the state of Wisconsin has been held up as a model not only for other states but for other countries as well. The essence of this program, known as "Wisconsin Works" or "W-2", is the complete elimination of any contractual obligation by the government to provide for the most needy of society, specifically single mothers with children. Instead, that obligation -- dating back to the massive labor struggles of the Great Depression -- has been replaced by a draconian program of forced labor at wages inadequate to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Hailed by government apologists as a daring response to the challenges of poverty, it has meant increased misery for the poor while bringing massive profits for private businesses and so-called "non-profit" agencies.

The Feeding Trough explores the roots of W-2 in the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the country’s leading right-wing funder of conservative causes. Bradley money has fueled the national attacks on affirmative action, attempts to destroy the public educational system and the propaganda campaign designed to undermine a wide range of social welfare programs, in particular Aid to Families with Dependent Children. The report pays special attention to Bradley’s racial agenda, which has included funding some of the most notoriously racist pseudo-scientific books of the last decade, such as "The Bell Curve" by Charles Murray and Richard Hernstein.

Some of the individuals, organizations and books that receive attention in the report include:

Activists in other areas would do well to familiarize themselves now with the background to the development of W-2 and the racist and anti-working class premises it is built on.

Here are what some elected officials, labor leaders and community activists have to say about "The Feeding Trough":

"After reading the information that you provide, the readers can better conceptualize this type of wickedness in high places... And after conceptualizing those Powers better and what’s going on around us better, then we are better equipped with that knowledge to go to war against those Principalities and Powers." -- MINISTER WILLIAM MUHAMMAD, Muhammad’s Mosque No. 3, Milwaukee

"Five Stars!" -- STAN YASAITIS, President, AFSCME Local 82, Milwaukee

"Wilayto argues in this report that W-2 is less about getting welfare recipients into real, family-supporting jobs than it is about providing corporations with subsidies and inexpensive workers who are easy to control." -- JOYCE EVANS, Columnist, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"... it succeeds in examining core issues in the welfare debate, and it offers a troubling thesis regarding the role and intentions of Milwaukee’s Bradley Foundation in shaping W-2." -- John Nichols, Columnist, Madison Capitol Times

"I highly recommend that all providers and employers read The Feeding Trough before they decide whether to become overseers on the New Plantation." -- GWENDOLYNNE MOORE, Wisconsin State Senator

This new government/corporate partnership for reinstituting chattel slavery is most insidious. But before we can overcome it, we must first be able to recognize it. Thank God for Phil Wilayto’s most necessary and important study." -- JOHNNIE MORRIS-TATUM, Wisconsin State Representative

"The Feeding Trough exposes the relationship between the Public Policies of the Thompson Administration and millions of Bradley Foundation Dollars." -- JAMES WHITE, Milwaukee County Supervisor

"A good, thorough investigative job." -- JOHN NEELANDER, Managing Editor, Racine Labor

"... an encyclopedia of national information and a textbook of national character... It is the story of America." -- JAMES CAMERON, Founder-President-CEO, America’s Black Holocaust Museum

"It’s nothing but unreconstructed Marxist-Leninism." -- MICHAEL JOYCE, President, The Bradley Foundation

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