Biographical Information


BS Physics/Chemistry : Purdue University, May, 1973

MS Physics : University of Wisconsin , August, 1975

PhD Physics : University of Wisconsin, August, 1979

Thesis advisor was Professor L.W. Bruch.

Thesis : Calculation of Local Fields in Cubic Lattices of Polarizable Atoms
This work modeled a dielectric as a lattice of Drude oscillators and investigated
The normal modes in zero external fields
The response of the system to a uniform electric field
The response of the system to an external point charge


Employment History

August 1983-Present : Instructor at Madison Area Technical College  
Math/Science instructor 1983-1985
Math instructor 1983-present
Lead Math instructor 1986-1990


September 1981-August 1983 : Lead Project Engineer at Ray-O-Vac Corporation's R&D Center.
Responsible for the design and experimental testing of Li - thionyl chloride cells and silver oxide cells. Extensive work in fractional factorial experimental designs and statistical analysis

August 1979-August 1981 : postdoctoral Research Associate for the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 
Performed theoretical studies of solid and liquid electrolytes. The work involved analytical modeling as well as computer simulations and fitting of experimental impedance data to equivalent circuit models. This work was done under the supervision of Professor J. Ross MacDonald

September 1973-August 1979 : Graduate student working on Masters and PhD degrees. Was a teaching assistant
for the Physics Department from 9/75 to 5/76 and from 1/79 to 5/79
for the Chemistry Department from 9/73 to 5/74

Professional Memberships

American Physical Society

The Mathematical Association of America

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges

The Wisconsin Math Council

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Personal Information

I am married to Gwen Ruth Treleven and we have a beautiful daughter, Natalie. I also have three other wonderful children, Brian, Becca and Sarah. Life would be so empty without the meaning your children give it