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The Abortion Rights Struggle:

Prochoice vs. Anti

Letting pro-choice and anti-choice activists make their case in their own words.

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If this is your first visit to this site . . .

This is a prochoice website. I wish to show you a side of the abortion rights struggle that some people may not understand. Though many years have passed since the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, there are still a number of people who remain strongly opposed to abortion. They have a right to express themselves -- that doesn't bother me. But a small and very active core of the leaders of the antiabortion movement believe that they must end abortion by any means necessary, including bombs, guns, knives, arson and kidnapping. I have links to these peoples' websites so that you can see how they make their case in favor of antiabortion violence. You will also see on my pages links to racists and to people who are anti-gay. Those links are here to show you how these people are tied to the antiabortion movement. As well you'll find on my pages links to people and groups who are progressive and prochoice. Mostly I agree with them, but with all websites, when you enter their pages, you have left mine for the moment, and you are their guest.

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Since 1992 I have been proud to join with like-minded friends to defend the right to choose. Several days a week we offer to escort anyone who asks to the door of a women's clinic. Groups of loud protesters, most of them men, shout and harass, sometimes even attempt to block patients from entering the clinic.

These pages of links to pro-choice and anti-choice sites are solely my work and do not reflect the views of any organization. I welcome email from people of any persuasion.

-- Fred Wallace

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