Assassins and Their Helpers

Articles and opinion pieces about antiabortion extremists in Wisconsin and around the country.

Radical Abortion Opponents Said to Be Laying Low  January 21, 2003 - Researcher Frederick Clarkson documents a recent decline in antiabortion violence, partly due to aggressive enforcement of the FACE act. However the most extreme elements, like Army of God, are stepping up their agitation.

Abortion-Related Violence Court Cases Reach Peak  June 8, 2003 - "When added to a batch of other high-profile cases, the recent arrest of suspected serial bomber Eric Rudolph might make 2003 a banner year for federal criminal and civil court activity on anti-abortion violence."

The Anti-Choice Rogues' Gallery  The One People's Project gives capsule biographies and pictures of antiabortion fanatics, mostly in and around New Jersey.

National Task Force on Violence Against Health Care Providers   Report on Federal Efforts to Prevent and Prosecute Clinic Violence 1998-2000

Crimes Against Reproductive Rights in California is a study prepared by the Senate Office of Research for the State Senate of California. They assert that "We lead the nation in arsons and bombings at reproductive health care facilities."

Report Details "Pro-Choice" Crimes  A report created by the Lay Catholic Mission of Los Angeles in opposition to the Senate report above. It claims to establish that "Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, torture, kidnapping, rape, stalking, death threats, bomb threats (including false-threat reports from alleged pro-lifers), sex crimes, conspiracy, drug crimes, property crimes, medical crimes and fraud-related crimes" are the work of abortion doctors.

For more about anti-abortion incitement to violence, see Calls to ViolenceThe Theorists of the Anti-abortion Movement and Historical Revisionism provide some background on the ideas that guide the anti-abortion protesters.

The Pro-Life Killings

Michael Griffin

The assassin John Salvi

An Australian Prolife Assassin

Peter James Knight has been convicted of the murder of Steven Rogers in Melbourne, Australia

James Kopp and his supporters and collaborators

For more about Dr. Barnett Slepian, see The Murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian.

To trace the fortunes of suspect Kopp and his supporters, see James Kopp, his Critics and Admirers.

Robber and Anti-abortion Extremist Robert Cook

On September 22, 1994 Robert Cook stole $260,000 from an armored car, hoping to use the money to fund a war against abortion. He was later tried, found guilty, and sentenced to 176 months in federal prison.

Matthew Trewhella

Pastor Matt Trewhella is founder and leader of the Milwaukee faction of the Missionaries to the Preborn.

Clayton Lee Waagner

Some antis support Waagner, while others denounce him

Frank Lafayette Bird, Jr.

Father John Earl

Nicholas Morency

Ricky Lee McDonald

The Williams Brothers

They were merely Sharing the Gospel, and then . . .