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Progressive Artwork

The Feminist Militia of Milwaukee

Clinic Escort and Graphic Designer, Rick Petrie has combined a '40s advertising image with the ordnance of the day to announce The Feminist Militia of Milwaukee. Click on the image to see a larger display.

Copyright 1998 by Rick Petrie

Street Art by Mike Flugennock

Political Cartoons from a progressive perspective. Brace yourself before looking at "Life: What a Wonderful Choice".

"Murdered Cops"
by Mike Fluggennock

c.d. norman's Fabulous Picture Page

c.d. Norman is a writer and artist who carries out a tireless crusade against small town corruption in Cookeville, Tennessee. His cartoon characters inhabit a cartoon/altered photograph world, just like you've never seen many. George in Charge is a series featuring the adventures of a dim-bulb Chief Executive. c.d. is nothing if not even-handed: during the recent presidential campaign he lambasted My Pal Al.

Jim Avignon's Flyer Museum

German artist Jim Avignon shows hundreds of images of his work online. Collaborating with other artists and musicians, he insists on offering a great deal of his work at low prices -- $10 to $15 apiece. Read commentary in German or English.

The Darwin Awards

In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate (the remains of) individuals who eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby dousing our gene pool with chlorine.