The Cheering Section

Conservative Admirers of the Antis  . . . their passions and their quarrels

While most of the right-wing institutes and religious groups in these links agree in a general sense on a wide range of hot-button issues, their unity often dissolves into disputes. They invoke a complex skein of Bible citations to prove themselves religiously correct -- but it seems likely these splits are the result of intense competition for market share. Nowadays they express their opposition to abortion in more moderate tones, lest they be identified with the arsonists, bombers and snipers.

For their part, the extremists delight in denouncing the moderates.

Denunciations of Conservatives in General

Prolife Groups denounce Prolife Groups

Operation Rescue Holier Than Jerry Falwell

Fading Back . . .

Insufficiently Homophobic

Once Righteous Warriors, the PKs are now Servants of Evil

By sticking closely to a central task of converting as many men as possible to Christianity, the Promisekeepers offend reactionary social activists.

Cal Thomas' Stock Plunges!

The Christian Coalition: Soft on Abortion!