A Cooked-Up Crisis: The Pedophile Protection Scandal

Antis make the same crank phone call 800 times and call it research

Life Dynamics started out by suing abortion doctors for malpractice, using the web to recruit clients. The Texas based lawfirm/website and prolife agit-prop organization is expanding to produce fresh urban legends for the cause. Their most recent campaign describes a supposed conspiracy: Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation Caught in Pedophile Protection Scandal. Life Dynamics says of themselves: "Life Dynamics Incorporated is the nation's leading pro-life research company."

Life Dynamics describes the methods and the results of their research project at Child Predators: A Life Dynamics Special Report. They commissioned an actress to call up hundreds of clinics, representing herself as "a 13-year-old girl who was pregnant by her 22-year-old boyfriend." LDI reports that most of the responses from the clinics were aimed at avoiding any responsibility for reporting this illegal coupling to the proper authorities. LDI concludes that abortion doctors benefit from the actions of older men who exploit very young women. LDI stands ready to sue the bad guys.

LDI issued a barrage of press releases, which provoked a range of responses from the media.

Web based news organizations on the right have been the least critical in responding to LDI's scandal story:

Other Web based news organizations sometimes look at the story more critically.

Print and Broadcast Media show a range of responses

Life Dynamics' poor record of credibility

Others jump on the bandwagon

Following Life Dynamics' lead, other opportunists are cranking out complaints.

Planned Parenthood Denies the Bogus Charges