Dissing Billy Graham

Sport of the Antis

For more than 50 years, Billy Graham has conducted his Crusades on every continent, moving hundreds of thousands to make "Decisions for Christ." His preaching has filled the largest auditoriums and stadiums. Generations of believers have found him to be the very example of Southern Gentleman preacher and orator.

Anti-abortion activists condemn Billy Graham for taking too soft a line on abortion and homophobia, the two leading litmus tests for religio/political correctness on the nutbag insurrectionist right wing.

While Billy Graham has not spoken extensively on the subjects of abortion and homosexuality, his public statements are more moderate than the antis' views on these questions.

In an In Focus TV program on WVCY-TV in March of 1998, Matthew Trewhella, co-founder of Missionaries to the Pre-born, said of Billy Graham: "He supports 'Life of the Mother'". From Matt, this is a stinging condemnation. At a demonstration against Colin Powell, one of Matt's followers modified his "Abortion Kills Children" sign to read: "Moderates Kill Children."

The Missionaries have good reason to be irritated at any comparison of themselves with Graham. They started out in 1992 attracting enormous crowds of followers. Their "Solemn Assemblies" drew as many as 10,000 people. In August, 1992 they were able to mobilize between 8,000 to 10,000 people to block an abortion clinic and shut down the major street nearby. That was at once their high point and their downfall, in terms of working with large masses of people. Since then, most of these people have been turned off by the leaders' manipulative and irresponsible behavior. A turn-out of 100 people at a clinic is a rare and very large event for them these days.