Calls to Violence

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This is a prochoice website. I wish to show you a side of the abortion rights struggle that some people may not understand. Though many years have passed since the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, there are still a number of people who remain strongly opposed to abortion. They have a right to express themselves -- that doesn't bother me. But a small and very active core of the leaders of the antiabortion movement believe that they must end abortion by any means necessary, including bombs, guns, knives, arson and kidnapping. I have links to these peoples' websites so that you can see how they make their case in favor of antiabortion violence. You will also see on my pages links to racists and to people who are anti-gay. Those links are here to show you how these people are tied to the antiabortion movement. As well you'll find on my pages links to people and groups who are progressive and prochoice. Mostly I agree with them, but with all websites, when you enter their pages, you have left mine for the moment, and you are their guest.

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Here are some of the most provocative anti-abortion messages. These are essays, declarations, instructions, and works of fiction that are all aimed at inciting anti-abortion extremists to violence.

For other statements and links to violent antis see
In Their Own Words, the statements of several convicted antiabortion extremists.

The Nuremberg Files

The most desperate and extreme leaders of the antiabortion movement have tried for years to move their most gullible and unstable followers to acts of insurrectionist violence. Neal Horsley has for some years maintained a website called The Nuremberg Files. He attracted traffic and controversy to a string of internet service providers who in turn yielded to intense public pressure, or sometimes to their own disgust, and kicked him off.

In 2002, Horsley found a solution to his self-induced "persecution": he got a "prolife" ISP that shows no sign of tiring of him. Even so, much of the content of Horsley's sites is given over to complaints about how everybody is picking on him.

Publishing Pictures of Women Entering Clinics is one of the Christian Gallery's many projects. Volunteer "journalists" photograph women at abortion clinics, then forward the photos for Horsley to post on the web.

The suit against the American Coalition of Life Activists

The Clayton Waagner Suite

The stories below from Neal Horsley are all linked from the opening page of The Christian Gallery. An odd theme: Horsley claims Waagner "forced" him to publish these details. Given his long history of praise for Waagner and similar types, Horsley may not have required a gret deal of force. For more about Clayton Waagner . . .

Horsley wannabes

Trying to Incite Religious Insurrection

The Murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian

An urban legend in the making

In 1999 antiabortion extremists circulated speculation that Dr. Barnett Slepian died while on the verge of "conversion." Three years later, extremists dress up the story further as the accused murderer James Kopp faces trial.

For more about the supposed frameup, see The Kopp-is-being-Framed Contingent

Research Projects

It will all be perfectly legal, one fine day when God's elect shall righteously have attained power, abolished Godless "democracy," and instituted governance by the Laws of Moses. For a detailed exposition of the theory of history behind these ideas, see The Theorists of the Anti-abortion Movement and Historical Revisionism.

Franky Schaeffer's Speech to Missionaries to the Preborn

On July 24, 1992 antiabortion leader Franky Schaeffer gave a one-hour speech at the Brookfield Assembly of God in Brookfield, Wisconsin to the Missionaries to the Preborn. To see and hear this video, you will need at least a 100 Mhz Pentium Computer, a 28.8 Kbps modem, and the RealAudio/RealVideo player.

Works of Fiction

Here are several pieces by the anonymous author whose penname is David Maccabbee. His works are characterized by breathless adolescent male enthusiasm for righteous violence. One of his favorite themes: the resurgent Confederacy, the South returns as The Good Guys.

All the stories below are listed together on "Uncle Ed's" Prayer and Action News website under the heading Fictious Stories.

With a Song in my Heart . . .

For a sampling of the musical tastes of the extremists, visit Those Musical Antis! Listen with RealAudio to Country-Western songs about bombing abortion clinics. Strum along with Christian Identity Troubador Carl Klang as he warns: "Watch Out for Martial Law!"