Glossary of Antiabortion Terms

Antiabortion activists love to invent new words. The people, places, things, and actions associated with abortion and reproductive rights are the targets of self righteous neologism. The antiabortion crusaders also invent lavishly flattering terms to describe themselves and their activities.

To find examples of these invented words and to get an estimate of their frequency on the web, I use the Google Search Engine.

Abortion minded

556 hits on Google

A woman is "abortion minded" if she intends to get an abortion.


1500 hits on Google

An abortion clinic. The word is probably the combination of "abortion" and "mortuary." It is apparently only used as a term of condemnation and only among antiabortion people. Its closest better known synonym is "abortion mill."


As the antiabortion extremists use the term, "bloodguilt" is the guilty state of religious incorrectness that adheres to any Christian church that does not fall in line with Missionaries to the Unborn and Operation Save America.

Crisis Pregnancy Center, Pregnancy Center, Pregnancy Resource Center, CPC

12200 hits on Google for "Crisis Pregnancy Center"

A prolife service, often misrepresented as a medical clinic or personal counseling service. Its chief goal: prevent "clients" from getting an abortion.

For a detailed look at supporters and critics of Crisis Pregnancy Centers see Counseling the "Hurting Moms": Sidewalk Counseling and Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Gentle Christians

90 hits on Google

A term much used by Operation Save America and its predecessor, Operation Rescue National, to refer to their kind of antiabortion protester. If you're not religiously correct on the abortion issue, you're no Christian in their book. Of course prochoice people (proaborts) are neither gentle nor Christian.

Killing Center, Killing Chamber

An abortion clinic. Apparently this is a borrowing from earlier and more widespread useage referring to the Nazis extermination of the Jews. See the killing center definition from the glossary of the US Holocaust Museum.

Antiabortion crusaders consider aborted fetuses to be the equivalent of Jewish victims of the Holocaust. See The American - Nazi War Memorial. Its opening page declares "The American - Nazi War Memorial is a graphic pictorial that clearly shows the link between what the Jews suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany, and what unborn babies currently suffer at the hands of American abortionists."

Planned Barrenhood

187 hits on Google.

"Planned Barrenhood" is a rhyming insult based on the name "Planned Parenthood." The competing phrase "Planned Murderhood" comes in a distant second, with only 9 hits on Google.

Post abortive

1660 hits on Google

"Post abortive" is a medical-sounding term with no apparent legitimate medical usage. It refers to women who allegedly suffer from the effects of abortion. It is often linked to discussion and promotion of an invented medical condition Post Abortion Syndrome or PAS. For more detail on pseudo medical propaganda, see Sidewalk "Science": Self-serving Pseudoscholarly Quackery.

Pro Death or Pro-death

Antiabortion activists insist that prochoice people are their opposites. Thus prochoice people are "pro-death."


Physically blocking a woman from entering an abortion clinic. Since passage of the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances act, the practice of "rescuing" has declined sharply.

Share the Gospel

In its widest meaning, "sharing the Gospel" means to preach a Christian message that is aimed at religious conversion. Among the antiabortion extremists, it also means shouting at women on the public sidewalks.

Sidewalk Counselor, Sidewalk Counseling

Sidewalk Counselor: 483 hits on Google.

For a more complete treatment of sidewalk counseling, see my page Counseling the "Hurting Moms"

Sidewalk Counseling as defined by a practitioner: Sidewalk Counseling   "Sidewalk counseling is not watching mothers take their unborn babies to abortion mills and praying that they change their minds once inside. Nor is it giving out leaflets to mothers with the hope the material will be read and cause a change of heart. It is crisis intervention. It is dialogue. It is conversation, interaction and persuasion based upon knowledge whose holy purpose is to save a babyís life and a motherís soul."

Truth Truck

"Truth Truck" gets 154 hits on Google, though about half of these refer to the truth trucks used in the anti-tobacco campaign, as in Jones, Metzger to Tell the 'Truth.' Truth trucks operate like other advertising trucks, travelling the most congested routes.

A "Truth Truck" is a truck, whether a van or even a semi tractor and trailer, covered with giant pictures of fetal remains. Some trucks feature sleeping quarters inside for their staff of missionaries. For more on Truth Trucks, see Truth Trucks.