Violent Antis Support Their Hero, James Kopp

Even after James Kopp's jailhouse confession to two reporters, the die-hard faction of the antis defend the assassin's deed.

As the first of many trial session for James Kopp come up, his supporters are portraying him as a hero.

A New Declaration of Support

On January 12, 2003, representatives of the more violent factions of antiabortion protesters came to Buffalo, New York to support James Kopp, who will soon be on trial there for the murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian. They issued a Declaration, praising Kopp for his deed.

See previous Declarations for earlier assassins.

Signers of the Declaration

Details on some of the signers of the Declaration of Support for James Kopp

Declaration signer Ken McKee says in his Yahoo Profile that he lives in Texas and is a librarian. He also keeps Ken's Rad Badtz-Maru Page, on which he says he works for the Montgomery County Memorial Library System. And he writes bad poetry in

Robert Ferguson, also a signer of the new declaration, has voiced his opinions several places on the web. He wrote an article about Bloodguilt Outreach, describing how he and other Operation Rescue comrades pressed their case against a wrong-minded church.

The Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission posted an article about Ferguson, Pro-lifers Picket a Church, in which Ferguson describes his methods: "I don't just do the abortion clinics; I do porno shops and topless joints. I'm getting one of those deals, like a stake bed truck. I am going to make different signs -- one for pornography, one for an abortion clinic -- and I'm just going to change the signs depending on where I am that day."

Ferguson is also mentioned as a participant in disrupting a Unitarian church service on March 9, 2003 in San Diego. Neil Horsley interviews Jonathan O'Toole about the demo in Winamp format.

Erick Eggleton is webmaster at"Spiritfx is a Christian web-portal in the making, but for right now it serves as my personal home page. The main goal of this web site is to win souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to expose the works of darkness throughout the world." His Yahoo Profile indicates he is "Shipping Manager by Day-Web Master/Writer by Night." The profile lists as favorite links Christian Gallery, Army of God, and Missionaries to the Unborn.

Pastor Wiley Drake is pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, California, and state director of the American Family Association, a conservative organization dedicated to preserving what it terms "traditional family values." Pastor Drake involved himself in a campaign to force the Fort Zumwalt North High School Band not to play an instrumental version of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit." "Plenty of people are saying school bands can't play Christian songs in schools because that's promoting Christianity. Jefferson Airplane and that culture that they came out of is religious as any Christian has ever been," Drake said.

Drake has been known chiefly as an anti-gay activist and leader of a Disneyland boycott: Resolutions target Clinton, gays, ethnic cleansing; Reasons For Baptist Boycott of Disney. See a photo of Wiley Drake. In California Superior Court Violates Outspoken Pastor’s Speech Rights, Wiley Drake describes in detail how he was prevented from broadcasting a jury-nullification talk from inside a courthouse. The piece appears in the American Free Press, successor to the Liberty Lobby's Spotlight.

In 1999 Drake applied for a concealed gun permit, for protection against some bad elements among the ex-cons he ministers to.

Joe Pavone has been declared an Army of God Hero of the Faith. Says Joe: "I hope that all of us are open to new forms of protest in Whatever Manner We Are Lead By The Holy Spirit---Not All Of Us Have The Graces Or Conviction Of A Jim Kopp Or Clay Waagner at any or all given times-but we can certainly support them and their families, honor their heroic acts, and pray that our God will raise up more defenders of the unborn." May 9, 2003, the day of Kopp's sentencing, Joe Pavone wrote Jim Kopp Stands Tall, saying of Kopp "with nearly everyone arrayed against his courageous action, and the full force of the legal system about to be put upon him, he called the abortionists what they are - murderers - and refused to apologize."

Signer Adrian Horien is an organizer of the Life Tour around Rockford. He is also a consultant for the Kairos Group, a telecommunications consulting company in Rockford.

Declaration signer Kathy Kuhns says "Tell Jim that he is loved and supported and being showered with prayers." This may well be the same Kathy Kuhns who is President of ProLife Berks, in Reading, PA. In the January 2003 edition of their newsletter, is a letter from James Kopp. In reply to Kopp, the newsletter writer tells how they will soon "make a home visit" to "baby killer, Timmy Liveright." Of course Kopp knows all about making home visits.

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