Those Musical Antis!

In 1992, the first year of the "Short Term Mission" against abortion, the anti-abortion protesters were mostly Protestants, and most of those were fans of the local religious radio and TV stations, WVCY-FM and WVCY-TV (VCY = "Voice of Christian Youth"). Regular performers included The Singing Sisters, two young women who warbled parallel thirds harmonies in songs that portrayed the remarkably articulated philosophical and religious opinions of fetuses.

Choirs of hundreds of demonstrators sang as they prepared to push and shove through the lines of clinic defenders, to surge forward and block the door of the clinic:

What a Mighty God we serve! What a Mighty God we serve!
Angels bow before Him,
Heaven and Earth adore Him,
What a Mighty God we serve!"

Escorts and Clinic Defenders staunchly sang in reply:

Baloney is all they serve! Baloney is all they serve!
Sittin' in the jail-house, just like you deserve,
And baloney is all they serve!

In 2001 our antis are less upbeat and much less melodic. At the clinic where my wife and I escort on Saturdays the anti scene has become predominantly Catholic, and music quality has declined. Forget harmony -- for these folks singing in unison is a challenge they cannot meet. And the endless recitation of the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross -- it all exerts a powerful sleep-inducing effect.

Music lovers need not despair. I present to you websites with RealAudio music files. If you've never played sound files before, you may be able to hear these. If your computer has speakers and makes sounds through them, check out the RealAudio soundsite to download a free player for your computer.

The Ballade of Eric Robert Rudolph

Gospel singer writes, records Rudolph ballad  August 25, 2003 - Gospel Singer Gene Collett reports that the Almighty has commissioned him to write a song about the accused serial bomber. Hear a 30-second mp3 sample.

I Dreamed I Saw Paul Hill Last Night

I dreamed I saw Paul Hill last night,
Alive as you or me
Says I, "But Paul, you're ten years dead,"
"I never died," says he
"I never died," says he

Full Lyrics

I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good

The Ice Cream Man realizes that without plenty of kiddies, his job is in trouble. So . . .

Now I don't care if it's a baby or a tissue blob
But if we run out of youngsters,
I'll be out of a job, and so I
I did my duty cleaning up the neighborhood
I blew up the clinic real good

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Legal Kill

Legal Kill  RealAudio, 2:45.

But I can feel the fight for life is always real
I can't believe it's no big deal
I'ts a legal kill

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Sea of Blood

A hit from Kemper Crabb II

I saw Death on the streets with a doctor's degree
And the judge at his side said he could kill as he pleased
Long as the victims have never seen the light of day
Long as you couldn't hear them scream
When he tore their heads away

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See No Evil

From the band Holy Soldier

I float inside her womb
Oh Mother, I am coming soon
Suddenly, Fear and Dread
When Mother says she wants me dead
Oh, how can you do this to me?

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What Ever Happened to Sin?

By Steve Taylor

A Christian counselor wrote, quote,
"It's the only human choice ahead
If you can't support it
Why don't you abort it instead?"

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It's My Right

It's My Right  Christine Jackman. RealAudio, about a 1 minute sample.

Welcome to the clinic. Please come, take a seat.
I've just reviewed your test results - you're pregnant - 'bout 9 weeks.
What am I going to do? I can't be pregnant again!
How can I face my family - my church, my boss, my friends?!

Full Lyrics  including lyrics to other Christine Jackman antiabortion songs.

Nanosecond Music

Plastic World Check out this anti-abortion tune in QuickTime3 or streaming audio format. Or order the CD.

"Plastic World"


                  Liberating clinics, or so they think. 
              The blood on their inner walls does stink. 
                    Killers of innocent they are all. 
                     Is this a baby or plastic doll ? 

Uncle Ed.'s Millenium Band

Uncle Ed.'s Millenium Band  Uncle Ed. is a multi-facetted Saint: host of the Uncle Ed. Show,(Cable Channel 15, Des Moines, IA), Proprietor of the Family Music Center in Des Moines, IA., Webmaster, literary bonvivant and web host to several suspenseful novelletes of Fictious Stories, stirring tales of righteous Christian Insurrection. Ed. is also a signer (under the name "Dave Leach") of the Defensive Action Declaration.

My personal favorite among Ed.'s tunes is I Wanna Die With You, which judging from Ed.'s taste in fiction might be in an explosive flash of fertilizer and diesel oil -- but no, it's more sentimental than that. It's got "rich orchestration," which is to say that Ed. took an armload of instruments off the store shelves down at the Music Center.

Learn more about Ed.'s further gospel callings, including his duties as Secretary General of the Army of God.