Hardcore Racists and Reactionaries

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This is a prochoice website. I wish to show you a side of the abortion rights struggle that some people may not understand. Though many years have passed since the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, there are still a number of people who remain strongly opposed to abortion. They have a right to express themselves -- that doesn't bother me. But a small and very active core of the leaders of the antiabortion movement believe that they must end abortion by any means necessary, including bombs, guns, knives, arson and kidnapping. I have links to these peoples' websites so that you can see how they make their case in favor of antiabortion violence. You will also see on my pages links to racists and to people who are anti-gay. Those links are here to show you how these people are tied to the antiabortion movement. As well you'll find on my pages links to people and groups who are progressive and prochoice. Mostly I agree with them, but with all websites, when you enter their pages, you have left mine for the moment, and you are their guest.

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Christian Identity

Christian Identity, also known as British Israelism, holds that only the white race qualify for Christ's offer of salvation. They are racist and anti-Jewish.

Blasts from the past

Leaders and popular heroes could once comfortably announce their backward ideas.

Nazis, Skin-Heads, White Supremacists

Racist Opposition to Abortion

The Skinhead Right Wing in Germany

The Germans have rights of free speech and free association very similar to the ones guaranteed to us under the US Constitution. With a notable exception: it is forbidden to display Nazi symbols and memorabilia. Public demonstrations may not include Nazi salutes or Nazi chants and music. These are prohibited as "verfassungsfeindlich," hostile to the Constitution.

After the reunification of Germany, the extreme right enjoyed a short period of strength in the lands of the former German Democratic Republic. In recent times, the ordinary citizens are increasingly rejecting the skinhead right.

Kampf gegen Rechts The Struggle Against the Right is a collection of links to articles in German about campaigns against the extreme right wing in Germany.