The Rocky Road to Martyrdom-Lite

An essay by Fred Wallace

The Missionaries to the Unborn maintain a website that they call Prisoners of Christ, where they list the names of a number of men and women who are "incarcerated in relation to the abortion holocaust." There we see Paul Hill, under sentence of death for murder and Michael Griffin, serving a life term for murder. The list continues, including even some whose crimes have merited only a few months detention.

Among these names is a brief reference to the man with the most prison seniority:

Don B. Anderson #06260-026  
        Federal Correctional Facility
        Indiana 1
        PO BOX 5000
        Pekin, IL 61555

        In Since: June 1982
        Charge: Arson
        Sentence: 42 years

Joe Scheidler on Don Benny Anderson

Joe Scheidler of the Prolife Action League fills in some details in the history of Don Benny Anderson. In 1982 several men who identified themselves as members of The Army of God kidnapped and held captive for 8 days Dr. Zevallos and his wife and in connection with this crime also torched the doctor's clinic. In a quote from his book Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion, from chapter 81, "Violence: Why it will not Work," Scheidler refers to "Don Benny Anderson, who has been sentenced to a federal penitentiary in connection with the 1982 Zevallos kidnapping."

Chapter 47 of Scheidler's interminable book is titled: Use Inflammatory Rhetoric. Showing no sense of the irony involved, Scheidler urges his impressionable followers up to the very border of violent criminal conduct, then cautions them not to cross over it.

The Don Benny Anderson Defense Fund

Don Benny Anderson has a fanclub / defense fund whose website has a link on the Prisoners of Christ page:Don B. Anderson, Prisoner for Christ.

They devote a good deal of space to fanciful legal theories that supposedly show the courts have no jurisdiction and that the case against Anderson was fatally flawed by the court's failure to comply with certain inventive right-wing legal standards:

No Federal court denies they are imposter courts with secret seals including "Court of Appeals" and "Supreme Court" and Public Law 94-412, 1976 terminated statutes and they were never Constitutionally reenacted for entire nation! { Federal subject matter jurisdiction was terminated! ]

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

The opening lines of Fr. Trosch's Don Benny Anderson website declare:

Don Benny Anderson, POLITICAL PRISONER, has been illegally imprisoned for 15-years as of Nov. 24, 1997. Total of unconstitutional penalties 77-years! Father of nine he will be 57 on Dec. 19, 1997.

We may reasonably infer from this statement that the website for this prolife hero was last updated four years ago. Meanwhile Bro. Don has completed about 22/42nds of his sentence. And what can he look forward to? Now the top ranks of leaders of the antiabortion movement are attacking each other savagely, some are slinking away to pursue their opportunist fortunes in the homophobia market, and the second- and third-tier cadre whom they leave behind are beginning to wonder if they have inherited political and religious real estate whose value is steadily sinking.