Counseling the "Hurting Moms"

Sidewalk Counseling

Sidewalk Counseling is a phenomenon of the anti abortion movement. The counselors gather outside abortion clinics, relentlessly scanning the area for any women who might be of reproductive age. These women they approach en masse and on a run, shouting "Don't Tear the Arms and Legs off Your Baby!" or "Don't Kill that White Baby, People are paying good money for White Babies" or more cryptically "That's not a Squirrel in There." If the woman tries to object or explain her situation, they have no patience: "You had to open your legs for that man, didn't you?"

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

CPCs exist to convince women not to have abortions. They attract their clientele by referral from sidewalk counselors and by advertising. They often intentionally misrepresent themselves as medical facilities. When permitted to do so, they place yellow pages ads under the same heading as do abortion clinics.

Maternity Homes

Antiabortion activists hope that Maternity Homes will be the eventual destination for "Hurting Moms" who are counseled at Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Legal Actions Against Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Critics of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Sidewalk "Science": Self-serving Pseudoscholarly Quackery

Having already supplanted the theory of evolution with Creation Science, the reactionaries publish their medical theories by shouting them on the public sidewalk and posting them on the Web, where they compare poorly with the more vigorous presentations on UFOs or the theory that the sun revolves around the earth.

Inventing a Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome

Abortion supposedly linked to subsequent premature births and to depression