H. H. Arnold High School

Home of the Warriors

Class of 1975


Some mementos of graduation from '74 and '75.

The Crest of H.H. Arnold High was laid in a mosaic into the floor of the main building. Generally, three classes of people interacted with the Crest: observers, enforcers, and perpetrators. The perpetrator was usually a hapless freshman without a clue who happened to walk over instead of around the crest. The enforcer was usually an upperclassmen, most likely a senior, who guarded the honor and integrity of the crest. Most of us, however, were observers. We watched, with rapt attention, as the poor perpetrator performed a few reps of pushups as penance for his egregious act and as his demonstration of deep respect and deferential courtesy for the scholastic pecking order and honored traditions of the school.
This postcard contains four views of the H. H. Arnold High School buildings. In 1975 this picture was already some years old, but it fairly accurately depicts the number of buildings as they appeared in 1975.
I discovered this issue pressed between some folders from high school. Smoke Signals was a very professionally prepared school newspaper that was enhanced by the fact it was printed at the presses of Stars and Stripes in Darmstadt. Twenty one years later I'm impressed with the appearance and the contents. Sometime in '74 Smoke Signals received competition from another paper. If Smoke Signals represented the social mainstream then Frank LeDieu's 'underground' paper represented the restless warriors at the school. The 'underground' paper had a novel policy of printing any word in the student vernacular. To protect the squeamish, editors inserted an asterisk in place of key vowels so that 'u' or 'i' became '*'. The first editions caused a stir and raised the charge that possibly some school resources were used in the paper without permission. In the end, there was an accomodation and both papers coexisted until, I assume, the 'underground' paper passed from the scene.
Wiesbaden was home to the Warriors, but it was also the state capital for the German state of Hesse. You would have thought that Frankfurt, with it's teaming masses and rival football team, should have been the capital, but it wasn't. The Landeshaus (legislature) of the state of Hessen was a conspicuous presence on the corner just above the Hauptbahnhof. I recollect one quaint story that since the Landeshaus is constructed of red sandstone each year 'tons' of sand are blown away by the wind. I suppose by now all that remains of this once proud building is a mere reddish anthill ;-)
Wiesbaden had many things that contributed to it's great and distinguished international reputation. You see, it wasn't just the High School, high atop Hainerberg hill, that garnered this esteemed reputation; there were the hot baths, the casino, the history, and, oh yeah, there was the world's biggest Cuckoo clock downtown near the shopping district.
At about the time slide rulers were giving way to the Bowmar 'Brain', H. H. Arnold got it's own little 'mainframe'. The computer was used in the EDP class. It was a DEC PDP 8/e with (I think) 4k of REAL magnetic core memory and two REAL clunky Teletype printer/key devices. A really cool gag was to start a program running, then turn the computer off and wait for the next person to turn the machine on. Because of the core memory, the program was only 'suspended' and it would resume when the power was turned on. It was always an attention-getter to see the teletypwrite start up with a cryptic message when the power was turned on.
A scene from the parking lot. The little 'hut' visible in the background marked the limit of the schools control. The number of students who smoked near the curb by the 'hut' eventually gave the name 'cancer corner' to that place.
As if exams and the pressures of teenage-hood weren't enough we were also subject to the vagaries of US foreign policy. If someone on the local scene didn't like something on the global scene then, invariably, it produced a school clearing bomb scare. In this picture we stand outside waiting for the all clear in another scare.
A collage of pictures.

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