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 Character makeup

More an approach to makeup than a technique, character makeup can draw upon any of the in the professional makeup artist's repertoire to literally flesh out the character which is required by the production or shoot. This can vary wildly, of course, from the recreation of historical or celebrity figures (often from actors or models who bear little natural resemblence to the persons they need to portray) to creation of fictional characters. Again, this frequently calls for drastic changes in the subject's appearance, requiring a mix of techniques. For example, the accompanying photo illustrates an actress who, through hair and makeup effects, is playing a humorous, eccentric woman twenty years the actress's senior. The look was created through a combination of clean makeup, aging techniques, and a distinctive "beehive"-style hairdo.

Judith Denny Makeup Services can create (or recreate) a distinctive character for your video production, film, or still photographic shoot.

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