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Hair styling 

Hair styling contributes dramatically to the overall look of video and photographic subjects. In addition to conventional hair styling, Judith Denny Makeup Services provides unique hair techniques such as the creation of accurate period hair styles, temporary hair coloring (which can easily be removed at the end of the work day), updos, and dimensional hair laying (in which hair is augmented, such as through the addition of or change to hair, sideburns, mustaches or eyebrows). Where period accuracy is required, JDMS conducts advance research to ensure that the look is both stylish and authentic.

Another important adjunct to hair services is the rental and styling of wigs, which are frequently the only method to achieving the character look called for in the production or shoot. Judith Denny Makeup Services is experienced in all facets of hair styling for commercial photography and videography. It is important to note that some services, such as hair cutting, shaving, and permanent dying are restricted by law in many states to locally-licensed stylists. In this event, JDMS works with area hair stylists to ensure that work performed meets the creative and technical standards of your production or shoot.

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