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Hopefully, you will find information and links that may be of use.
I've tried to cover aspects that I consider important regarding not only ESS, but other breeds as well.

Photos by Patti Pentler

U-CH Namten Firefall Ko CRK Alden, CDX, RA, JH, OA, OAJ (WDX) (CGC) Pedigree
DOB 6/9/98, Color:  Black/White/Tan (Black Tri)
Mompesson Show Stopper, CD, JH (English Import) x Namtn HLLCRST KOCR Firefall B., CD
Breeders:  Vicki Bijold & Marah Bolden

U-CH Hillcrest Woodale Denim  Pedigree
DOB 12/19/01, Color:  Liver & White

CH Hillcrest Namtn Kocrk Canvas, AX, AXJ, TD, RN
CH Hillcrest Firewind Polygon

Breeders:  Henriette Schmidt & Jan Coolidge & Dale Coolidge

Owners:  Tracey Johnston & Henriette Schmidt

Gabby Cudahy
U-CH  Aldendale Hillcrest Gabardine  Pedigree
DOB 7/12/05. Color:  Liver & White

CH Hillcrest Namtn Kocr Colours, VCD3, OAP, OJP, RA, MH (VS)
U-CH Hillcrest Woodale Denim

Breeders:  Owners

Owners:  Tracey Johnston & Henriette Schmidt

Family Portraits - 3/10/07

Alden, Denim, and Gabby are Registered with the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club

Alden & Girls
<>Relatives posing for a family portrait:
L-R - Back: Hilcrest Hilslik Firecracker, UDX, NA;  Hillcrest Subtle Colours, CD, RN, JH, OA, OAJ;
U-CH Namten Firefall Ko CRK Alden, CDX, RA, OA, OAJ, JH, WDX;
L-R - Front:  U-CH Aldendale Hillcrest Gabardine; U-CH Hillcrest Woodale Denim; Hillcrest Heptagon

Picture Gallery – Hillcrest, Namten, Ko Creek, Wuerl Wind & Pine Bend

As an active member of the Wisconsin English Springer Spaniel Association and the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association (parent club of ESS), I try to educate the general public about the breed whenever possible.  First and foremost, the English Springer Spaniel is a sporting breed.  These dogs were developed to find and flush game.  An ESS of proper temperament will joyously welcome anyone as a long lost friend.  These dogs should be capable of just about anything you might ask of them, especially if it involves activity.

Today the breed has, for the most part, evolved into two divisions, field & show (actually four if you throw in the field & show from the UK).  This seems very unfortunate to me - mainly because by deliberately separating these dogs, each loses a little bit of what the other "style" has to offer.  It also limits the size of the gene pool.

As you can see from the two pictures below, these American bred dogs look very different from one another.

 Field's Edge Black Watch Photo Provided by Cathy Lewis- Regent/Raintree

These pictures are of English Imports:

Mompesson Show Stopper, CD, JH
Calvdale Capriati.

The interesting thing about all of these dogs are that EACH FITS THE WRITTEN STANDARD, but you won't see the field bred winning at any conformation shows.  American judges are used to seeing a certain "style" of ESS. The style that is represented 90% of the time is one with a lot of coat (hair) and perfect markings (blaze between eyes, a collar of white around the neck and little to no ticking).

As with any breed of dog, there are health problems that you should be aware of.  On my links section below you will find excellent information regarding health issues at the ESSFTA site.

If you are looking for any breed of dog please follow this link for things that I feel are important when searching for a REPUTABLE BREEDER and How To Interpret A Pedigree

Links to informative sites & articles:

English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association Wisconsin English Springer Spaniel Association
Another Look at the 49th Day By Dr. Ed Bailey
(explains why pups should not leave their dam/littermates at 7 weeks of age)
Good Show Dogs Should Also Be Good Field Dogs - M.J. Nelson
PennHIP Information OFA  Data Base
Disaster Plan - by Ruth Ginzberg CERF Data Base
Suzanne Clothier – Flying Dog Press – Great Training Articles Dog Food Comparison Charts
Dr. P's Dog Training & Other Good Info. Good Genetics Site by Kismet Sight Hounds
Dog Patch – Canine Performance ESS & Obedience- by Henriette Schmidt & Marah Bolden
Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club Why Crate Train Your Pup - by Henriette Schmidt

The English Springer Spaniel is a "docked" breed.  If you're not sure that you agree with tail docking, please visit:

Council of Docked Breeds

A friend of mine wrote this to the ESS-L2 Yahoo group email list when someone had posted a question on why we are fighting so hard against legislation that bans ear cropping, tail docking, and dew claw removal.

"Spaniels are the smallest of the hunting dogs. If you notice, the larger breeds, well above cover,
don't have docked tails. But spaniels and Brittanies and a few of the smaller pointers (Vizslas), are docked to keep them from becoming bloody messes in the thick undergrowth they hunting in. Since tail docking has been done away with in some countries there have been higher incidences of tail amputations. Amputations are very painful to the dog, but the antidocking proponents claim it is only due to humans who WANT to have their dogs tail docked and it is the only way to have it done.

If you have ever lived with a dog with happy tail, a condition found in dogs like Great Danes, you will find that once a sore opens on the tail, it doesn't heal well. Each time the dog thumps their tail in joy, they reopen the sore. Eventually, the tail is amputated if it becomes infected or the human can't handle the constant clean up from the spray of blood.

Since few breeders know WHICH pups are going to hunting homes, I would far prefer being able to dock my dogs while it is relatively painless, rather than that pup going through an amputation later in life."

The Animal Rights Agenda

See how groups such as HSUS, PeTA, and even the ASPCA are working to take away your right to own, breed, or hunt with dogs.  The NAIA web site (link by clicking on the logo below) has many articles, links, and news alerts regarding animal rights extremism. 

Other web sites regarding the animal rights agenda:

The Center for Consumer Freedom

Missouri Federation of Animal Owners

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