my happy humble homepage

yeah, it's small. i finally added some animal pictures, though (august19,2000).

i also hope to have a bunch of family pictures on my page, eventually, though for now there's very little.

here is the EverQuest picture section (added 11.18.2KI). very out of date... i have several newer and better pictures, but i'll probably never get around to adding them because...

new picture section! (as of 4.8.2KIV) my latest 'hobby' is Horizons, another MMORPG. in here are a few screenshots from the game.


in here is a listing of CDs in My Music Collection, the AMP lists and a couple CDs that Changed my Life.

just for the heck of it, here are the tracklistings for a series of mix tapes i put together.

also, don't forget to check out one of the best music stores for all your ambient needs, EAR/Rational Music.

the hyperreal website is another great place to visit and has great info on the FAX record label and other ambient and "intelligent dance" music.

music isn't the only thing i love (as you saw if you checked out my picture page). please check out this great wildlife sanctuary's homepage to learn a little about the tigers and lions i like to spend as much time as i can with.

wanna mail me?
sure, why not.