4.01  General Conditions................................

4.02  Scope of Work:  Work to be done is to be comprised of furnishing all labor, materials and equipment required for the restoration cleaning and repair of older exterior masonry.

4.03  Related under other sections:
    a.  Routing and repointing mortar joints.
    b. Cutting, altering and/or replacing damaged masonry.
    c.  Waterproofing
    d.  Birdproofing
    e.  Painting

4.04  Occupancy:
    a.  The premises will be occupied during performance of the work.
    b.  Contractor is responsible for arranging with building custodian for means of access to premises and necessary utilities, storage area for materials and equipment, etc.
    c.  Contractor must furnish protected access to the building for the public, employees, and service vehicles at all times.  Local and governmental regulations and codes must be complied with for the duration of the project.

4.05  Materials:
    a.  Restoration cleaning materials shall be "Diedrich Detergent Products" as manufactured by Diedrich Technologies Inc., Oak Creek WI.
        1.  For brick, unpolished granite, sandstone, terra cotta Diedrich 101 Masonry Restorer, 101G Granite, Terra Cotta Cleaner, Envirestore 100.
        2.  For exposed aggregate and architectural concrete - - Diedrich 960 Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner.
        3.  For Limestone, pre-cast concrete, unpolished marble and architectural concrete - Diedrich 707X Limestone Cleaner Pre-Rinse or 808X Black Encrustation Remover and Diedrich 707N Limestone Neutralizer.
    b.  A test area, a minimum of 10 square feet, shall be conducted on each of the various types of masonry for inspection and approval by the architect and/or building owner.  Test samples

on adjacent non-masonry materials must be conducted to ascertain effect and necessity for masking and otherwise protecting.
        1.  Bidding contractors shall arrange testing date 7 days prior, for building owner's representative to be present.
    c.  Necessary water and electricity will be made available to the contractor by the building owner.

4.06  Preparation: 
    a.  Required routing of joints and replacement of damaged masonry units is to be completed prior to starting of cleaning operation, with exception of final pointing.
    b.  Non-Masonry (glass, aluminum, etc. must be covered) surfaces must be tested thoroughly for damage by the cleaning materials.  Where indicated by testing, thoroughly mask or otherwise protect from direct contact with cleaning solutions.  Plastic sheets held in place with plastic coated tape is recommended for the protection of metal trim and window glass.  Glass will be etched by 101/101G.
    c.  If containment and/or neutralization is required, use the appropriate Diedrich Neutra-Soak product, "A" for acids, "C" for caustics or "S" for solvents.

4.07  Cleaning process:
    a.  Brick, unpolished granite, sandstone, terra cotta and exposed aggregate shall be pre-wetted with clean water prior to the application of spray or brush of Diedrich 101/101G at dilution rate indicated by the test area, and left on the surface 2 to 5 minutes.  A second application shall follow if indicated by the test sample.  Treated areas shall then be rinsed from bottom up with clean water applied at 400 to 600 p.s.i. and a minimum of 4 gallons of water per minute.  Envirestore 100 needs no dilution or pre-wetting.
    b.  Limestone, unpolished marble, precast stone and architectural concrete shall be spray or brush treated with Diedrich 707X or 808X.  The applications shall have a dwell time of 30 minutes to two hours.  Heavily carboned/soiled areas may required longer dwell times of 2 hours to overnight in some cases.  Second

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