101 MASONRY RESTORER (SUPER CONCENTRATE) Diedrich 101 Masonry Restorer combines acids and a biodegradable detergent into a powerful cleaner for masonry surfaces.  This formulated carbon solubilizing cleaner penetrates, dissolves, and suspends grime for easy removal by flushing the treated areas with a high pressure stream of water.  The chemical cleaner is applied by spray, roller or soft fiber brush.  REMOVES all airborne dirt, atmospheric carbon, rust, mildew, algae, fungus, exhaust residue, industrial pollutants, weathering discoloration, fire and smoke damage, and most other stains from rough and smooth surfaces of brick, sandstone, fieldstone, stucco, swimming pools, clay tiles, asbestos and slate shingles, aluminum siding, metal and wood.  For limestone use 707X, or 808X alkaline cleaners and 707N after-rinse.

101G GRANITE, TERRA COTTA AND BRICK CLEANER  This unique anti-stain formulation inhibits the "rust" discoloration and common yellowing caused by moisture in granite.  It guarantees a natural white appearance and crystal highlight of the stone surface.  101G meets preservation guidelines for detergent masonry cleaners.  Works well on easy to clean face brick, glazed tile, granite and terra cotta.  Do not use on polished granite or marble stone.

ENVIRESTORE 100TH  A safer, gentle restoration cleaner that will not over clean brick and stone.  This product depends on the action of citric and phosphoric acid for its results rather than harsh mineral acids making it a milder product that poses less hazards to workers and the environment.  Formulated for the restoring of brick, sandstone, unpolished granite, terra cotta and some limestone.  IDEAL FOR MAINTENANCE CLEANING of dirt streaks & stains with strip-malls, commercial centers, contract cleaning services and residential use.

707X LIMESTONE CLEANER PRE-RINSE This alkaline based formula developed specifically for cleaning heavily carbonized, extremely dirty limestone and sandstone surfaces.  It is to be used with high pressure washing equipment.  It is most effective on extremely old limestone structures in urban areas where exposure to atmospheric pollutants is high.  LIMITATIONS:  Diedrich's Limestone and Sandstone alkaline cleaners are not generally effective for restoration cleaning of brick marble or granite.

707N LIMESTONE NEUTRALIZER AFTER-RINSE  This after-rinse, when used with Diedrich 707X Limestone Cleaner and/or 808X Black Encrustation Remover, cleans, neutralizes and brightens.  While it contains no hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acids, it cleans and restores the dirtiest limestone without damaging the masonry surface to its original light gray appearance.  It can be applied with low

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