ICTLEP's International Bill of Gender Rights

ICTLEPs Declaration of Gender Liberty

JoAnn Roberts Bill of Gender Rights

Thoughts and Articles

FTM Inclusion at local level Trans Groups

ICTLEP's Health Law Standards of Care for Transsexualism

Dallas Denny on the Benjamin Standards of Care - Dallas Denny

Whatever I Feel - Zachary I. Nataf

Jack Fertig's San Francisco Bay Times article on the first FTM Conference - Jack Fertig

The Chapel of Saint Joan the Coyote - Jay Allen

Transgender Pride - Jessica Xavier

Choosing Terms of Empowerment - Jessica M. Xavier

ICTLEP's Standards of care for Transgendered

ICTLEP's Policy for Imprisoned Transgendered

ICTLEP's Opinion on ENDA


Cool Writings/Authors/People

  The LumberJack Song!

Stuff I've written

Email Ramblings

Writings Surrounding my Chest Surgery (July 10, 1996)


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