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Dog Obedience Sites!...Plus

Also....I sure would like to see pictures of all the little sweethearts you write to me about!


Disclaimer:...I DO NOT endorse the breeding or selling of "White Doberman Pinschers",...All information provided here-in, is for your help, benefit and education!
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A Little About Me! First off, I am a longtime Member of DPCA, (Doberman Pinscher Club of America), and Dobermans are my top priority interest. I have owned, raised, and bred occasionally, showed in Conformation and Obedience. Since my first Doberman, Heidi, a red bitch, captured my heart, there has been no other breed for me. Their Love, Loyalty, and companionship is incomparable! I no longer show in either Conformation or Obedience, at the present, but I still own these wonderful animals and enjoy their companionship. Other interests that I have, in no necessary priority are: oil painting, ceramics, photography, travel...love to travel, country music, I Like most all types of music, but Country is my favorite, and computing...Of Course...*VBG*! I hope you find this page interesting, helpful and enjoyable!

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The Ultimate Velcro Dog and His Needs

The Dobermans needs... A Good Loving Home, Loving Owners, Plenty of Exercise, Good Health Care, Proper Training, Tons of Love and To be as Close to your side as possible. In Return he or she will give you Undying Love, Loyalty, Companionship and Unlimited Forgiveness.

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