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Good News from America's Dairy land.
Local Newspapers are starting to comment about
the deleterious and non-lifetime sport activities
in our Schools.
It has taken me over twenty years and many
travels but UW Lacrosse Phy. Ed. graduate
student teachers will now go out to schools
and teach Table Tennis to our next
generation of children.

Bad News from America's Dairy land.
Not one University in this State offers
TT as an Interscholastic Olympic Sport.
( It's no wonder you will never see
the USA doing well in the Olympics!)
Meet the owner
and coach
Crashing Helmets "
It's a family tradition"
somebody do something !
"HOPE" Confront your favorite
Athletic Director and you
might get a dose of this !
read my comments below . .
U.S.A.T.T. my beloved
parent organization
Dan Seemiller
Best coaching in the USA
  Mishicot Wisconsin
Table Tennis history !
Gresham Wisconsin Wildcats
next to challenge the Robot.
Pius High School receives $4000.00 grant. Manitowoc 'Ships' learn
Table Tennis.
Waunakee Warriors
"A first rate program"
UW La Crosse student
teachers learn Table Tennis
Midlife Wisdom & some
of my rhetoric

Brew City Types..
Need a personal trainer?
Local places to play

Basic Forehand
FAQ and T.T. Specs


National Senior Olympic Silver Medalist (2003)

Donald Winze USATT State Coach & Umpire
Trained and Certified at the U.S. Olympic Site Colorado Springs, CO.
U.S. Opens: Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Norfolk VA.
Other great places where I have competed are Toronto, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Appleton,
Sentinel Sports Show, and numerous State and local contests.
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Jimmy Stewart with his whip.
3 "c"s coffee, computers, classical music
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(Captains of Industry, Philanthropists, Orthopedic Surgeons)
 Question: Why do individuals play a sport that requires a helmet? Answer: So we don't break our neck as we try to spear the other guy. In the1950's Chairman Mao instituted the Olympic sport of Table Tennis, ... America doesn't have any role models or benefactors for this safe, co-educational family sport. Our culture is dominated by team sports. Consequently, upon leaving school we are doomed to be T.V. spectators and couch potatoes. It is sad commentary that we get satisfaction out of watching two helmets smashing together... Instead of Mr..... "It's a family tradition" singing ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL a warning label should say ARE YOU READY FOR SPEARING AND PARALYSIS.
If interested in turning the tide and sponsoring a coach to tour schools and teach T.T. contact me:


  I would think an Educator with a Doctorate, and especially a
public servant, would have the common sense to know what is
best for us and use our money and resources entrusted to them to teach us
meaningful lifetime sports activities !
To follow my running battle with this type of mentality . . Click Here

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This national governing organization sponsors an excellent newspaper that contains all the happenings in T.T. including Clubs and Tournaments in your area. Call or write them to join and get your starter packet. Table Tennis is virtually unknown to Americans except for the Nixon and Gump publicity. Table Tennis is an Olympic Sport that is inexpensive, safe, coeducational and family oriented. If you like to compete, there are tournaments available every weekend which are open to all ages and skill levels.
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs CO.80909
800 326 8788
fax 719 632 6071

Dan Seemiller, Five-Times U.S. Men's Champion, conducts the best advanced training camp in Table Tennis. He has over twenty years of experience in teaching the latest techniques which he has learned in his world travels.
South Bend Table Tennis Club
Dan Seemiller
P.O . Box 608
New Carlisle, IN

Mishicot Community School system located in the trendy Northeast tourist traveled portion of Wisconsin invited me in for a day to give Table Tennis instruction. We had a great time and most of the Gym classes had a chance to hit forehands into the Robo 2000. Click here for a montage picture of the days event.

Gresham Public School system located in Central Wisconsin invited me in for a day to give Table Tennis instruction. Classes at the School came into the Gym for my presentation and most of the students in the school had a chance to hit forehands and have fun watching the Robo 2000 in action. Check out the days action HERE!

"Pius High School Milwaukee, WI has received a $4000 grant of Table Tennis Equipment and Instruction in order to institute Olympic style Table Tennis curriculum into Physical education classes. The grant was provided by Escalade Sports and the Harvard Table Tennis National TOPSPIN Teacher Training Program. The instruction and expertise is to be provided through Pro Table Tennis Supplies Ltd. of New Berlin, WI"....This is the news release printed in the local papers...Teachers from all over the city were invited to Pius High for the initial training session and to help Pius kick off to their Olympic program. CHECK OUT PHOTOS OF THE TRAINING SESSION HERE

Lincoln High School located on the East shore of Lake Michigan invited me in for a day to give Table Tennis instruction. Students in the school had a chance to hit forehands and hammer balls into the machine. Their Coach is a great enthusiast of the Lifetime Sports Concept . . check out his form and others Here

Wanakee High School is just North of the State Capitol of Madison in Central WI . Coach Larry "Duffy" Kopf runs the best disciplined program I have seen in my travels . . he should also be teaching his program to the "clue less" Universities in Badgerland. Check out the photos my partner Jeff Knuth and I took while spending the day working with this great program. CLICK HERE!

Coach Larry "Duffy" Kopf of Wanakee High School returns to his Alma mater UW La Crosse to co-present a Table Tennis clinic to future Phy Ed teachers . .the program was well received and the State of Wisconsin will soon have a group of young teachers familiar with the Olympic Sport entering the teaching profession.
Hurrah! Hurrah! . . out with the old guard and in with the new . . .


# 1 Asinine statement made by a Sports Administrator: " Don... we don't dictate to the individual school districts what sports curriculum to teach... we only follow the wishes of the parents and the public".
(This guy was the department head of the state governing body for athletics and should know better.)
# 1 Asinine statement made by a teacher: "I teach football, a sport that turns boys into men."
(this guy was injected with a Bo-vine hormone!

  • To avoid you're in problems at tournaments drink lots of cranberry juice (DW)
  • Once you reach your goals you've failed. (unknown author)... Howard Nelson might know !
  • To teach is to learn twice. (unknown author)
  • Never play another man's game. (My Dad)
  • If I knew I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself. ( Mickey Mantle)
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  • Take one aspirin and anti-oxidant every day and don't call me in the mornings... (unknown author)
  • Don't do head-gaskets, carbs, break jobs and mufflers yourself if you make over 40 G's a year.
    Also, when all else fails........ use a vice grip. (DW)
  • "It is easy to see that you are not used to this business of adventures.
    Those are giants, and if you are afraid, away with you out of here and
    be take yourself to prayer, while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat." (My Hero Don Q.)

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P.S. When starting your service remember your hand & ball, but not your racket hand, must be above the table surface plus back of the end line as you toss the ball up at least six inches and strike the ball on the way down!


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