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Founded December 18, 1875

Sons of the Revolution in the State of Wisconsin

Spending the winter in sunny Florida? Join us for a Central Florida SR Winter Encampment Mess during December, January, February, and March. All SRs, and members of other Lineage Societies in the Great Lakes Region are invited along with family, friends, guests and prospective members.  Even genealogy addicts are invited to attend so you can discover what lineage societies are about.  We gather at the Band Stand on East Main Street in downtown Avon Park by 10:30 to greet other Lineage Society members and then at 11:00 we march (across the street) to the Hotel Jacaranda.   Some of the ladies have been known to sit in the Hotel Jacaranda Lobby until we arrive. If it's cold or raining we've been known to join the ladies inside. Some of our ancestors spent a winter in encampment at Valley Forge so we all now enjoy the freedoms they fought for with fellowship in our winter encampment in Central Florida.
  All Great Lake Lineage Society members are invited.   Questions?   Expect me there!

SR Winter
Sponsored by
gather at 10:30 a.m.
at the Band Stand in
Avon Park, Florida
Lunch at Hotel Jac
at 11:00 a.m.
All Sr's invited,
bring family & Friends.

Be sure to wear you SR Shirt to the Winter Encampment Luncheons

Winter Encampment Luncheon Details

Second Tuesday of December, January, February and March   —   Avon Park, Florida

Next Meeting — June 2013.
Contact SR-Wisconsin President William Erbes, Secretary
for date, time and location.

2006 SR Fall Meeting

SR Wisconsin Fall Meeting, Bill Plummer, Bill Starke, Winston Williams,
Dr. Donald Gradeless, Paul Unangst, Dr. William Erbes

2006 SR Meeting

President Baker Installing President Unangst
April 29, 2006

SR meeting
Photo by Professor Paul Unangst. SR-Wisconsin

2001 Annual Meeting Dr. Reginald Horsman
spoke on the American POWs held at Dartmoor Prison.

The SR-Wisconsin and the Wisconsin 1812 are sponsors of the
Dartmoor Prison American POW Cemetery Restoration Project

Officers 2011-2014

Paul H. Unangst, President
E-Mail to
1325 N. 124th Street
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Winston C. Williams, Vice President
E-Mail to
13350 West Bluemound Rd #2
Elm Grove, WI 53122

William Erbes, Secretary
E-Mail to
P. O. Box 530
Cedarburg, WI 53012-0530

Dr. Donald E. Gradeless, Treasurer
E-Mail to
1402 East 225 South
Winona Lake, IN 46590-2041

Dr. Donald E. Gradeless, Registrar
E-Mail to
1402 East 225 South
Winona Lake, IN 46590-2041

Dr. John W. Plummer, Surgeon
E-Mail to
268 Hayler Court
Oregon, WI 53575-1108

(Vacant), Chaplain

Membership Chairman -- William Erbes
Representative to GSSR -- vacant
Representative to the D.A.R. -- vacant
Representative to the C.A.R. -- Dr. John W. Plummer
Captain of the Color Guard -- vacant

SR-Wisconsin Board of Managers:

Paul H. Unangst, President
Winston C. Williams, Vice President
William Erbes, Secretary
Dr. Donald E. Gradeless, Treasurer
Dr. Donald E. Gradeless, Registrar
Dr. John W. Plummer, Surgeon
(Vacant), Chaplain
(Vacant), Captain of the Color Guard
Roger J. Culver, Director
Rex L. Gradeless, Director
Kenneth I. Hunt, Jr., Director
William C. Myers, Director

SR-Wisconsin Ancestor List

Sons of the Revolution Membership Information

What's the difference between the SR and the SAR?

Standardized Lineage Society Application Worksheet

I have documented my lineage to a revolutionary soldier & I would like
SR-Wisconsin Membership Application Forms mailed to me.

Download SR Word Processor Based Application Forms

Information on Preparing your SR-Wisconsin Application

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