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find any of these trailers as having been — SOLD —- or placed in an Auction (like EBAY) or advertised on another lists (Yahoo Auctions, Craig's list, etc), notify me so they can be marked and then removed from this list. Please keep me updated every few months if your unit is still for sale.

Sale Pending- please notify me so they can be marked. There is NO Sale until the Money is in the Bank and the Avion is GONE!

HELP keep these Pages up to date.

To list your Avion Trailer send the ad to: DrG to list your unit for sale.   Complete name, address, telephone number, price & email are required. If you send me photos by email readers can ask my opinion of what I see.

Please be HONEST in your description and list a REALISTIC price. Dishonest Ads, Bait & Switch, Low Ball, deceptive descriptions will be removed. We do not charge a fee but do depend on your Donation to cover costs & time. Donations are always appreciated from buyers and sellers. Ads may and will be removed after a few months unless you send me an update/donation. Send the Details by Email to: Gradeless@GMail.com

Important Note: Have AVION in the subject line or it may not reach me. If you don't have a reply in 4-5 days, either the email did not reach me or I'm just away from home. Please resend the Email to be sure. Be sure you haveAVION in the Subject line so I may not see it!. Spam is being automatically deleted (over 1000 per day) when identified by the Email service.

Photos posted on your web space can be included just send the link. I do not have the space to host photos but I can link to them. Post as many and as detailed photos as you can. There are quite a few free photo hosting sites you may use.

I do collect Avion Photos so please send a set of yor photos to me (four per email please). I add them to the reference collection to send to people with questions on Avions. If I am impressed with the photos I will add a positive comment to your ad. I do give opinions of what I see to any who asks (for what ever that's worth).

I love my 4W4P Rhoades Car

— WARNING ! ! ! ! —

      Many sellers have been contacted in the past week with Email for brokers from South Africa, Nigeria, Congo, and the United Kingdom offering to buy trailers for shipment overseas. These are clear and obvious SCAMS. Do not supply any account numbers or banking information to these individuals. Appear identical to related Scams for used car buyers and phoney Cashier's Check scam.

      "am based in the UK but I will fly . . ."
      "I am setting the wheels in motion for cash transfers,"
      "We will arrange a pick up the vehicle once payment is confirmed by the seller"       "funds remitted to you via cashier check as soon as possible."       "you can call me i am the export director [JENNY JONES]"

9/5/2003: I am forwarding this letter that I received and wanted to thank you for alerting rv owners about scams such as this. I thought it was kind of 'fishy' when he e-mailed me the first time. This just confirmed my suspicions.
Subject: Re: Fwd: travel trailer
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 02:01:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mr Timothy justdannyx@yahoo.com
Hello, I'll pay u in check which will be sent to u .My client who's very intrested in purchacing it issued a check of $13,000. containing ur money and the shipper's money .but since my shipper which i have a contract with will come to pick it up(titles and key) u will have to send the shippers money to his head office in UK after ur bank have cleared the check via western union money transfer (all money needed to send the money to my shipper will be subtracted from the balance).So If u will send his money which is the balance on the check to him only then can i send the check .Send me ur name and address includingt ur nbr(phone) if u will so that i can send the check to u. Regards   Timothy

From: "frank thomas" frank_21@jojomail.com
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 4:20 AM Subject: 1971 Avion Cayo Motovator I am intrested in purchasing your (1971 Avion Cayo Motovator )which price is($6,000) ,and don't worry about theshipping agent i have a shipping agent that will carter for the shippment i have a cleint in us who is owing me ($9,500). And he has promise that he will be sending the certified cashier check down on my behave,i want you Have it in mind that the remaining balance of the excess fund will be wired via money gamm to the shipping agent who is coming for the pick up. if this mode of payment is accept by you i will like you to send your Full name and address including your cell phone number in which you will receive a certified check drawn in U.s funds. Regards. I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. . frank

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 02:22:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: "frank thomas" - frank_thomasauto@yahoo.com | This is spam | Add to Address Book
Subject: Avion H-24
I am intrested in purchasing your (Avion H-24) which price is( . $2,800.00.) ,and don't worry about the shipping agent i have a shipping agent that will carter for the shippment i have a cleint in us who is owing me ($6,500). And he has promise that he will be sending the certisfied cashier check down on my behave,i want you Have it in mind that the remaining balance of the excess fund will be wirevia money gamm to the shipping agent who is coming for the pick up. if this mode of payment is accept by you i will like you to send your Full name and address including your cell phone number in which you will receive a certified check drawn in U.s funds. Regards.I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. . frank

Subject: intrested in purchasing your (1968 Avion 24' )
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 15:58:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: fela ehmed pamelajonk@yahoo.com
I am intrested in purchasing your 1968 Avion 24' . which price is $4000 and don't worry about the shippment i have a shipping agent that will carter for the shippment i have a client in U.S who is owing me $8,000.00. And he has promise that he will be sending the check down on my behave,i want you Have it in mind that the remaining balance of the excess fund will be wire via money gramm transfer to the shipping agent who is coming for the pick up. if this mode of payment is accept by you i will like you to send your Full name and address including your cell phone number in which you will receive a certified cashier check drawn in america fund. REGARDS.
Forward to me from a seller on 12/03/2003:
hello and goodday i visited your site today and i am interested in your 1993 35.5 ft 5th Wheel for sale i hereby mail you to let you know that i am satisfied with the price which is $2,000.00 each i will be very grateful if you can accept my proposal and i will like to know if you do ship to Holland .Secondly my method of payment is by cashier cheque which is going to r you in one week . Please mail me back with your information if you are willing to sell for me and the picture of the good. May god be with you and your family, i am hopinng to hear from you soon. My Regards...... ANDREW FLETCHER Andrew Fletcher globalnet001_ltd@yahoo.com

E-Mail must include AVION in the subject line. All E-mail is checked for virus and spam. Without a valid subject it goes into spam and I may never see it. No reply: Please email me again. Ad are marked SOLD and remain posted for a reasonable time so visitors can see what is selling. Tales of my 2004-2005 Health Adventures were moved to Interesting Email \

Chris Fellers      

Chris Fellers, DrG with Chris's 1961 Avion. — Click Here to see Chris's Avion photos.

If you have Avion photos posted, send the address and we will link to your Photos.

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John Zettervall, Russ Nelson.

Thank You! - Donations are sincerely appreciated.
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DrG's Avion Webpage
Dr. Donald E. Gradeless
Avion #11193
1402 East 225 South, Winona Lake, IN 46590-2041
AC 574-267-6020.

If you send me Avion Email I will reply.   If you don't get a reply something terrible happened to your email.
Please try again.. - DrG

A V I O N   —    F o r    S a l e
Fleetwood RV's For Sale

For Sale 1987 32-S Avion Travel Trailer – We have a 1987 32-S Avion for sale. We have been living in it for the past year. Everything works. Inside has been totally remodeled. New floating floor put in last summer. New hitch and sway package included. Beds and couch have been redone to allow for more storage space. My wife and I traveled in it down east coast to Florida and then to Texas with our 13 year old daughter. It is ready to go and live in. We are asking $15,000 or best offer. We have pictures we can send if anyone is interested. We live in Round Rock, TX. We are asking $15,000 or best offer. (5/19/2016l) Ricky and Julie Jackson. 1620 Bryant Dr Unit 204, Round Rock, TX 78664 Email: Ricky.jackson@amr.net Phone: 816-398-5832

For Sale 1978 30-R Avion Travel Trailer SOLD We would like to post our 1978 Avion 9.1 metres, Model R for sale. SOLD  It is in excellent condition, stored inside, all systems work well, rear queen bed, reupholstered couch, new tires and new batteries. We have several pictures we can provide just email BethWheat@hotmail.com.  We are located in SW Michigan.  We are asking $14,500.00   (4/18/2016)   $12,500.  (4/27/2016). SOLD  We can also be reached at Beth Wheat, 3080 Bluegill Drive, Allegan, MI 49010 - AC (269) 673-3359. Email: BethWheat@hotmail.com. SOLD

For Sale 1989 Avion Travel Trailer- 34-VB Basement Model —   In 1989 & 1990, when Fleetwood switched to painted aluminum trailers as the wind down of the aluminum coach began, they offered a 'basement' model. Basements were only available on the 34' triple axle models. Basically, they elevated the frame off the axles and created storage areas between the frame and the underbelly. You know those (somewhat) useless storage lockers along the bottom of a regular Avion? Think of those only with bigger doors and more storage space. The exterior looks like a regular coach with a heavier skirt. As a result, 2 furnaces were installed and the water heater was moved to the basement, thus freeing up space internally. I would suspect that the basement option was a pretty significant price increase over a traditional Avion (2 furnaces, after all). Our basement model also includes space for a second rooftop A/C unit. Most basements seem to be listed at about $15,000 according to NADA. Recently one in Mississippi sold for over $18K & one in Michigan for $15K. I’m certain they were pristine! Since our baby needs cleaning, tires and some minor repairs, we are asking $7500.00. We have a clear title. Ours has a couple of dings to the skin, but there are no leaks and the floor is in perfect shape with no spongy places. The interior has all solid Maple wood cabinets, vinyl flooring, and original furnishings including the sleeper sofa and the dinette area. The kitchen has a new faucet and sink. We recently installed a new $4.00 fuse that saved having to replace the original microwave oven as our goal has always been to try and keep her as original as possible. There is an AM/FM CD player with four speakers. Avion has a monitor panel which contains a 12 Volt Disconnect switch to power down all 12 V Circuits when not in use. Other functions include LP gas monitor, battery condition, barometer, thermometer and hygrometer. It also allows you to switch off the propane to conserve propane when not cooking or needing hot water. In the bathroom, we installed a new a taller toilet. There is a cedar lined closet, and there are no cracks in the tub/shower surround. We replaced the water heater with a new 6 gal one that was made specifically for this model RV. The custom curtains and shades are in “like new” condition. We’ve installed new LED lighting and fluorescent tubes over the dining table and kitchen sink. We replaced the A/C motor last year. It works very well even in the Arizona desert heat, even during the humid monsoon months. Because we’ve lived in her full time for the last 4 years, I’m pretty sure you would need to replace the two golf cart sized batteries to be able to run on battery power. As far as we know, everything works except the second furnace…the squirrel cage squeals so badly, we’ve not been able to turn it on long enough to verify the furnace actually works. Not being very handy we haven’t made the effort to repair it since the once furnace works very nicely and we opted for the more efficient electric radiator heater. We were told it’s probable a wasps nest causing the squirrel cage to be out of balance, but we really don’t know, however all duct work is installed. The trailer has been stored outside at the home of our landlady for the last year because my husband was transferred to North Dakota with his job. We’re certain it needs some cosmetic things to make her look pretty and well loved like new red and amber marker lights, maybe some weather trim molding trailer and needs to be polished. For safety’s sake we’re certain that: the bearings need to be sealed and packed; new brake shoe assemblies installed, new (Monroe) shocks, tires, brakes and axle service just to get it road worthy again. We have 6 leveling jacks and 2 5/16 ball hitch. It’s probably time to have the roof completely resealed. There are Zip-Dee awnings completely around. I have all receipts and the ORIGINAL owner’s manual!  (4/13/2016)   Contact: Brian & Kathy Ward; ----- Arizona, Email wardbk57@gmail.co.

For Sale SOLD 1985 Avion Travel Trailer- 34-W SOLD — Recently inherited this trailer.  It is in great condition inside and out.  Original interior, queen bed, 2 spare tires. Receiver hitch and sway bars all come with the unit.  There is also a crate containing a new spare window and even the owner’s manual.  All the Zip Dee awnings work and are in good condition.  I recently pulled it to the current location and all lights and brakes in working order.  Owner bought in 1991 and the trailer was last used 5 years ago; so to the best of my knowledge all appliances & equipment work.  Trailer was parked and plugged in at his residence until recently. Located in Castle Rock, Colorado $7,000.00. (3/13/2016).   SOLD Contact: Russ Nelson;  720-468-1260 or marlin3855@gmail.com. SOLD

FOR SALE: 1989 AVION TRAVEL TRAILER – 30-P. This is a very nice Avion in very good original condition. It is approx. 30 feet with two axles. We purchased this to stay in while we built our home then planned to turn it into a "casita" when we finished, but alas we need the funds to finish the home. Everything works, it has a great shower (new hot water heater),propane furnace, ac/propane fridge, microwave, propane stove/oven, air conditioner, and two very comfortable twin beds. Although i have never towed it (person we bought it from delivered it).  i understand that it is a very nice trailer to maneuver. The skin is in good condition.  It comes with heavy duty receiver style hitch with sway bars, the tires are very good, the batteries are 2 years old, but very lightly used as we were hooked up to AC power most of the time. The price is $11,300 and it is located in Silver City, New Mexico. (2/22/2016).   Please email us at FourDirections@verizon.net for photos / questions or you can call Jim Foly at 575-574-2678 or Donna Foley at 575263-3830.

SOLD FOR SALE: 1985 AVION TRAVEL TRAILER – 30-R. SOLD Classic 1985 Avion 30’ travel trailer; tandem axle. Asking $11,500, OBO. Quality construction is the hallmark of these vintage trailers. The aluminum spars of the fuselage are covered inside and out with riveted aluminum. The interior skin is covered with vinyl. Wood interior paneling and cabinets are richly finished real hardwood. The rear bedroom has a walk around bed, double mirrored clothes closets, night stand and lots of overhead cabinets. Adjoining is a full bath with tub and shower and two mirrored medicine cabinets. The bath also sports a new china toilet. On the road side, the kitchen has an ample counter, double stainless sink, several drawers and plenty of cabinet storage, four-burner range/oven water heater and microwave. On the other side is the refrigerator/freezer with separate doors, and a spacious pantry. The front living room offers a double sleeper sofa with copious storage underneath, two upholstered chairs, two fold down tables, more cabinets and indirect lighting. This trailer is in good condition and very clean overall. As Avions are noted for, it tows beautifully. A fiberglass cover protects the front wrap around windows while towing. All windows have Zip Dee awnings; the curb side is shaded with a 22 foot awning. A 12 Volt marine battery; two covered aluminum propane tanks; leveling jacks; tongue jack; equalizing hitch with sway bars are included. The coach is wired for cable or satellite TV. Skin is in good condition inside and out, no leaks. Furnace, refrigerator, new air conditioner, water pump and water heater are all in good working condition. (9/13/2015). SOLD For more information call Glenn or Oleta Titus, 686 Waterfront Rd. Troy, Montana 59935. our phone number is 406-295-9245. for photos contact GTitus@frontier.com. SOLD I thought I'd send you a note to let you know that the 30R listed for sale in Montana has been sold. I called the listed phone number and spoke to Oleta. Paul White Bentonville, AR —— Thank you Paul. Wish the sellers and buyers would be that courteous. DrG.

FOR SALE: 1970 AVION TRAVEL TRAILER – 25 foot Voyageur. — SOLD —This is a classic . It has a front dinette that folds down (with extra table leaves), twin beds, rear bathroom and amazing storage space. New items include mattresses, battery, foam cushions and cover, curtains, door lock and key, tires, air vent and updated original 1970 filled gas tanks. We hope someone will enjoy this Avion and its journey. $4,900.00. (Proud past owners of five Avions!) (8/27/2015). Curt and Ann Rotto,, 21373 Sunny Drive, Fergus Falls, MN 56537. Phone:218.739.2488 or cell 218.205.7235. — SOLD — EMAIL: CARotto@prtel.com.— SOLD

1989 Avion 30' SOLD — For Sale: 1989 Avion 30'- Very nice recently updated travel trailer. Awnings on all windows, AC/Heat pump system, porcelain commode, new mini blinds, new screens on all windows and door, beautiful interior with rear bath, twin beds, front sofa. New wood floors and tile in bathroom, LED interior lights and new lamps. Four (4) new tires with less than 200 miles, one (1) new spare. Also comes with a $2,000 Hensley Tow Hitch. Trailer is located in a covered storage unit in Georgetown Tx. Must see to appreciate and call for appointment to view. Every thing worked the last time we took it out this summer.No water leaks. For more information. Let me if you need me to send pictures. $17,000.00 or OBO. (10/18/2018). — SOLD — Terry Galbreath, 112 Coreopsis Way, Georgetown Texas 78633.  AC 512-791-2236 or email: 5stringjo@att.net — SOLD — The Avion has been sold. — SOLD —

1976 Avion 26 Travelcader — — SOLD — I have a 26 ft Avion Travelcader for sale which has had the floor removed in order for it to be replaced. Personal events have caused me to defer this project to the next owner... It has clear title and good rubber, two axle, tows well for relocating. All the appliances were functioning when placed in yard storage several years back. 3 way fridge micro over fridge, twin bunk set up with rear bath and shower. Mount for tv in bunk area. Roof mount AC. No propane tanks or hubcaps, This unit is stored on my lot in Astoria Oregon. Would consider parting out this trailer if the demand warranted this approach. Clear title in hand. More photos available upon request. $2,200.00 (10/12/2014). — SOLD — CCC 570 S. ROOSEVELT DR Seaside, OR 97138. — SOLD

1978 Avion 28-J — 1978 AVION 28-J, 3rd owner, located in San Antonio, Texas, needs a little work, mainly plumbing, tires have less than 3000 miles, brakes less than 2000 miles (completely changed backing plates, shoes, actuators, bearings), manual satellite dish, new TV antennae, new (less than 2000 miles since change) air conditioner, original stove, refrigerator, furnace all in working condition, LED marker lights. original AVION rims, asking $6.000.00, OBO, (5/26/2014). Ralph Webb, 2051 Canyon Vista, San Antonio, Texas 78247. EMAIL: rwdir@aol.com, call: 210 858 8924.

If you know of any of these trailers as having been - SOLD---
please notify me so they can be marked and then removed from this list.

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AVION Trailers Wanted
This section is open for anyone who is searching for an Avion
Please send requests to Gradeless@GMail.com. Subject: Avion Wanted.
Please include your complete Name, Phone, Email & postal mailing address.
Renew every 6 months or ad will be removed.

34-V Double Bed AVION WANTED —— AVION WANTED: Looking for 1978-1990 34-V Avion, with double bed. (5/10/2016). Debi Broughton - 2951 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, Georgia 30096 - debidoll731@gmail.com - 678-717-2690

23 -26 ft AVION WANTED —— that would be Avion LaGrande for 23ft 1978 model or the 1985 25H or a 1978 - 1989 26 ft model......configuration not so important......at times may consider 1973-1977 models 22ft to 26ft also. (4/3/2016). Gabriel Olivo c/o Isabel's Laundry, 37-24 103st, Corona, NY 11368. AC 347-980-0486. phone number subject to change but here is my email: LeirBag28@yahoo.com

AVION or Cayo Camper Wanted —— Seeking Avion, (Cayo) truck camper.  (3/24/2016).  Allen Eickstaedt, PO Box 3061 Santa Rosa, CA. 707-888-6266. Restorable to excellent condition.

AVION 28-A or 30-R Wanted —— We are looking for a late model 28A or 30R Avion travel trailer. We're not looking for a big project at this time, so we're looking for something in good condition with no major issues. (11/14/2015).  Steve Hulme - themoreweexplore@gmail.com Alpine, UT 84004.

Avion Rear Queen Wanted — I'm looking for a 1986-1989 model Avion travel trailer that's in great condition and ready to use....looking for a 30-34 ft in length with a queen or double bed in the back, and prefer three wheel axle....will discuss what I'm willing to pay upon notifying me. (7/11/2015) . Contact: Horace Yancey, 256 572-6704. Guntersville, Alabama.

Avion Wanted — WANTED: Avion Travel Trailer in Michigan, Ohio or Indiana. Must be roadworthy and camp-ready. Prefer 25' or 28' La Grande, 30P or 32S.  (8/10/2014)   Michelle Lamerato 6992 Chadwick Drive, Canton, MI 48187. Email: MichelleLamerato@gmail.com or call 313-673-6194.

23-26' Avion Wanted — I am looking for Avion trailer, prefer 25 foot or less (ideal would be 1985 25H), 26'ers still good candidates. I would be happy with something comparable from the 1970s. Key ingredient would be either (a) center bath with end bedroom, or (b) end bath with twin beds. My sweet wife prefers to keep the bed(s) made up for sleeping, not have to convert each night/morning. I have 'just missed' on two nice units so your help would be appreciated.  (6/7/2014).   Bill Dower, 11504 Antler Lane, Austin TX 78726. Dower.Bill@gmail.com. (512) 331-1106.

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Links to AVION RV Repair Centers

CAYO Repair Service
4835 M-140
Watervliet, Michigan 49098.
Telephone:  (269)  463-5068
Fax: (269) 463-5073
Hour: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern

Cayo is the Repair Center for all 1956-1990 Avion & Cayo Campers & Trailers
Cayo manufactures all body panels to repair your Avion.
See some of the Fiberglass Replacement Parts

Fleetwood's Avion Homepage
Avion 5th wheel was replaced (name only) by Fleetwood Quantum 5th Wheel
Fleetwood underwent Bankrupcy and the new Fleetwood
is motorhomes only and has no connection with the
old Fleetwood

Par-Fe Wax Corporation

10870 Benson Street
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: (913) 451-2626

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CAYO Repair Service

Highly Recommended for Repair &
Restoration of Cayo and Aluminum Avions
4835 M-140
Watervliet, Michigan 49098
Telephone (269) 463-5068
Fax (269) 463-5073
Hour: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern

Zip Dee

Zip Dee Awnings

96 Crossen Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL  60007
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 71346, Chicago, IL  60694-1346

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