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If you are a currently a member of a Wisconsin Lineage Society and would like to have your E-Mail address added to this list.
Please send your name, E-Mail address, and initials of the Wisconsin Lineage Societies that you belong to.
Please prioritize your list as only one line will be allowed per listing.
Send your information to: Wisconsin E-Mail List

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Ruth Anderson - RANDESEN@aol.com - CD17 DA&H DAR HS
Ronald M. Aronis - RMASUVCW@aol.com - SUVCW

Herbert B. Beighley III - Beighley@wi.net - SAR
Roger Stephen Boeker - Roger.Boeker@dva.state.wi.us - SAR
Sherry (Mrs. Wayne E.) Bornick - WBornick@palacenet.net - DAR

Robert G. Carroon - JCarroon@CTDiocese.org - CW F&P MOLLUS
Fr. Robert E. Carson - rcarson@gbonline.com - SAR
Joseph R. Caton Jr. - Caton@execpc.com - SAR SR.
Thomas P. Curtis - TheBruce@execpc.com - 1812 CW F&P SAR 1812

Janice Barnes Davison - JaneD505@aol.com - DAR MD
David A. Dean - DaveD@linkus.net - SAR
Rev. Travis Talmadge DuPriest - TTDjr@wi.net - SAR, HS, CW

Cynthia Ebert - - csebert@vbe.com - DAR
Arlene (Huebner) Feest - AFeest@ticon.net - DAC DAR DFPA S&DP

Neil Giffey - Giffey@mhtc.net - SUVCW -Col. Henry Harnden Camp #2
John Giles Jr. - GilesJ@execpc.com - SAR

Barry F. Gougeon - BarryGoodgin@aol.com - Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts
General Society Sons of the Revolution
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
National Society Sons of the American Revolution
Society of Colonial Wars
Hereditary Order of Descendants of Colonial Governors
General Society of Mayflower Descendants
Jamestown Society
Thomas Rogers Society
Society of Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge
Winthrop Society
Donald Gradeless - DrG@execpc.com - 1812 CW DLPAR HS S&D-P SAC SAR SR SUVCW- Dr.G's Homepage.
Robert Granger - ExCarMaker@aol.com - SAR.
Samuel E. Greeley - mcleanex@execpc.com - HS
Harley T. Green - HGreen@new.rr.com - MD, F&P, SAR
Mrs. James J.(Frances "Peg") Hart - PegHart@execpc.com - USD1812

Sarah Hogoboom - BHogoboo@mail.AmFam.com - DAR
Kenneth I. Hunt II - KenHunt@comcast.net - SR

Peg Hart - PegHart@execpc.com - DAR USD1812

A. Kyle Kotlarz- VicCreed13@aol.com - SAR, SR
Dawn Kotlarz - GBJeanNic@aol.com - DAR
Thomas L. Keyes - KeyesTL@execpc.com - MD, SAR
Lyn Kiley - Kiley@execpc.com - DAR, MD
Ellen Kuchta - EKuchta@execpc.com - DAR - Ellen Kuchta's Homepage

Charles Larson - CJL@wi-net.com - SAR
David Larson - DLarson@wsd.waupaca.k12.wi.us - SAR
James T. Lyons - Jtlsrmi@aol.com - 1812, SR

Virgil O. Matz - vmatz@tds.net - SUVCW
A. Peter N. McArthur - nrthpt@execpc.com - WISSAR SMD
Carol Behling McLeester - CMcLeest@aol.com - DAR, MD, NEW
Danielle Michaels - Steve.Michaels@metronetworks.com - ASUVCW
Stephen A. Michaels - Steve.Michaels@metronetworks.com - SUVCW

Barbara Novak - BNovak@centuryinter.net - DAR

Malcolm L. Paine - - MPaine@charter.net - SAR
John W Plummer - JWPlummer@charter.net - SAR, SR

William H. Roddis, II - WRoddis@aol.com - 1812, CW, HS, MD, SAR .

Kent Salomon - SalomonK@aol.com - SUVCW
David E. Satola - DSatola@WorldBank.org - SR
Marie E. Schilke - MESchilke@aol.com - USD1812
William H. Starke - GOFORD@compufort.com - SR
Don Strube - 7th-wis@core.com - 1812, MD, SAR, SUVCW
Jonathon S. Sutter - Sutter@execpc.com - SAR

Paul H. Unangst - PUnangst@wi.rr.com - SR

Winston C. Williams - WinWill@execpc.com - 1812, CW, F&P, MOLLUS, SAR, SR

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