. Descendants of the Colonial Clergy

Descendants of the Colonial Clergy 1620-1776 (founded 1933)

Eligibility for Membership — Any person, eighteen years of age or over, shall be eligible for membership in the Society who is a direct, hereditary, lawful lineal descendant of a member of the clergy regularly ordained, or regularly installed or regularly settled over any Christian Church within the limits of the thirteen original colonial prior to July 4, 1776.
Society of the Descendants of the
Colonial Clergy - 1620-1776

The Society shall be dedicated to patriotic, religious, historical and educational purposes in remembering the contributions of the clergy of colonial America in the establishment of the United States of America.


  • To cherish and maintain the memory of the lives and accomplishments of the colonial clergy
        of America
  • To perpetuate the spirit and desire for religious freedom sought by the colonial clergy
  • To strive to perpetuate the buildings and the memory of the congregations which the
        colonial clergy served
  • To promote the celebration of anniversaries of organized ecclesiastical groups and churches
  • To collect and preserve documents, histories, biographies and memorials of the colonial
        clergy of America
  • To promote friendship and discussion among the descendants of the colonial clergy.

    Wisconsin Society Descendants of the Colonial Clergy
    Contact: Alice Byrnes, Wisconsin
    Email: wigenibug@hotmail.com

    Colonial Clergy For National Membership requirements contact:

    Mrs. Alexander Joshua Smith, Jr.
    17 Lowell Mason Road
    Medfield, MA 02052-1709
    (508) 359-4904

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