Sons of the American Colonists
(1956, Reorganized 1986)


Membership is open to any American man of eighteen years of age and of good character and reputation. He must provide proof of lineal descent from an ancestor who renedered civil or Military service in any of the Colonies in American before 4 July 1776. The Society was re-organized in 1986, to replace the predecessor organization of the same name that was established in 1956.


  • To assist and encourage the preservation of the colonial records and of historic sites associated with our Colonial Heritage.
  • To foster the continued interest in Historical and Genealogical Research of the colonial era.
  • To encourage and support the growth and development of Libraries specializing in Genealogical and Historical Data of the Colonial Era.
  • To publish on a regular basis A Lineage Book of the Society to record the names of members and their ancestral data.
  • To encourage and develop a true and honest respect for the contribution of our Ancestors to the establishment of a New Nation.


Membership is open to any American man, of eighteen years of age and of good moral character and reputation. He must provide proof of lineal descendant from an ancestor who rendered civil or military service in any of the Colonies in America before 4 July 1776, including service in any of the following capacities:

  • In a battle under colonial authority
  • Under the banner of Great Britain in North America in any of the wars in which the Colonists participated
  • All Military and Naval service of the Colonies
  • Filled office of Governor, Lt. Governor or Deputy Governor
  • Member or delegate to Council or Assembly
  • Member of House of Burgesses
  • Deputy or Representative to General Court
  • Commissioner of the United Colonies; of Boundaries or Treaties; of Impost or Excuse; to the French or Indians
  • Secretary, Magistrate, Selectman, Justice, Judge of any Court of Law, or Equity Attorney, Advocate or Solicitor
  • Founder or Trustee of any College in North America founded prior to 1776
  • Minister of the Gospel, or Commissary of the Bishops of London
  • Member of the Committee of Safety of the Continental Congress 1774-1775
  • Member of Council of Safety of 1689
  • Signer of the Mayflower Compact
  • Speaker of the House of Deputies
  • Physician or Surgeon
  • Member of Provincial Congress
  • Signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • Huguenot Refugee
  • Signer of Oath of Allegiance to Great Britain
  • Member of the London, Plymouth and Virginia Companies who actually came to the colonies, and descendants of the members of these companies who resided in the Colonies
  • Palatine Settler
  • Descendants of Coventers from Scotland
  • Original land owner or proprietor, not inheritor
  • Salzburgers of Georgia


The application fees are set by the state chapters. The National Society has annual membership and life members. The Society holds an annual dinner during April each year in Washington, D.C. to which all members are invited. Other business meetings and dinners are held at the call of the Governor General.

Since there is a great variety of services used to determine a qualifying ancestor for membership in The Sons of the American Colonists, the number of surnames of qualifying ancestors must be very large. The estimated non-Native American population of the Colonies in 1776 was about 2,500,000. One would expect that a great number of these individuals either performed a qualifying service or descended from an earlier qualifying ancestor.

For further information or if you have any question as to whether you have a qualifying ancestor for the Sons of the American Colonists, contact the National Society.

Membership Information can be obtained from:
The National Society
Sons of the American Colonists

Arthur Louis Finnell, Registrar General
7501 West 101th Street, #204
Minneapolis, MN  55438-2251
Phone 952 / 261-6937

Dr. Donald E. Gradeless, Organizing Governor
Wisconsin Society Sons of the American Colonists

We have not made any progress in obtaining members in Wisconsin and
I've now retired and have relocated to Indiana but if you are both qualified and
interested, I would encourage you to obtain memebership in the General Society.

Home Page:
1402 East 225 South
Winona Lake, IN 46590-2041
574 / 267-6020

Wisconsin Society Daughters of American Colonists

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