Domestic Partner Benefits in Wisconsin and the Midwest

This page concentrates on keeping an accurate record of domestic partner benefits offered by companies based in or with a strong presence in Wisconsin, and by colleges and universities in neighboring Midwestern states. However, it is becoming more and more out-of-date and difficult to maintain given my limited free time.

Disclaimer: while my goal is to only list correct information that I have verified personally through what appear to be official sources (some electronic, some by phone, some in person), no guarantee is made of the accuracy of the information on this page. If you are writing a research paper, proposing a DP benefits program to your company, or considering a career move, I strongly encourage you to use this only as a starting point, and that you obtain verification (possibly in writing) from the organization in question. Items labelled "UNKNOWN" or "UNCLEAR" are only leads to investigate.

Request: Please feel free to notify me of other interesting DP-related or midwestern resources, or of corrections or broken links, using the address at the bottom of this page. You may submit information on a company or organization in Wisconsin or the Midwest using the DP benefits submission form.

To cut through the jargon and misinformation, and to locate information on insurers willing to write group policies including domestic partners in Wisconsin, check out Action Wisconsin's guide to Domestic Partner Benefits in Wisconsin.

Table of Contents

Domestic Partnership Benefits in Wisconsin

If a benefit isn't listed, it's because to my knowledge, it is not provided.

Companies/Organizations Headquartered in Wisconsin

Campus benefits:

Companies with a Presence in Wisconsin

Location of headquarters is parenthesized.

Domestic Partnership Benefits in States Bordering Wisconsin: Colleges, Universities, Public Employers, Research Institutions

If a benefit isn't listed, it's because to my knowledge, it is not provided.





See list maintained by the Triangle Foundation, of Michigan employers, at:


See list maintained by the Workplace Alliance and OutFront Minnesota, of Minnesota employers, at:

Other Domestic Partnership Resources

Discrimination in Employment and Other Areas

Wisconsin is one of approximately a dozen states which bans discrimination in employment and other areas on the basis of sexual orientation. In the Midwest, only Wisconsin and Minnesota have nondiscrimination laws (Minnesota's includes gender identity). In other states, depending on what local ordinances may apply, and what policies your employer has adopted, you may be fired simply for being gay (or straight).

State of Wisconsin

What if you are discriminated against in Wisconsin in employment, housing, or public accomodation on the basis of your sexual orientation or other categories that are protected under state statute? You would contact the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's Equal Rights Division, at 608-266-6860 (Madison) or 414-227-4384 (Milwaukee). (TDD/Hearing Impaired: 608-264-8752 or 414-227-4081) Note: complaints must be filed within 300 days of the alleged discrimination. This information is excerpted from:

City of Madison

If a claim is made agains housing, a business, or an individual located in Madison, city ordinances banning discrimination may also be relevant. The Madison Equal Opportunities Commission is the primary city agency responsible for researching discrimination complaints; they can be contacted at 608-266-4910 (TDD/hearing impaired: 608-266-4899). The City of Madison also bans discrimination on the basis of gender identity in both public and private employment.

City of Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee's Equal Rights Commission is charged to receive, investigate and eliminate or remedy, discrimination in housing and employment, by means of conciliation, persuasion, education and litigation. Their web site; if it doesn't work, try and search on "equal rights commission":

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