USS Arizona Memorial

Arizona Memorial



The final resting place for 1,102 (75 were recovered) crewmen of the U.S.S. Arizona who lost their lives on December 7, 1941. They are still entombed within the Arizona herself. The sunken battleship is commemorated by a 184 foot-long memorial structure that spans its mid-portion. No part of the edifice touches the ship.

There are three sections in the memorial: The entry and assembly room, (a central or middle area) used for observations of the sunken ship and for ceremonies. Many visitors drop flower leis into the water from this section, honoring the dead. The third section is the shrine room. The room contains the names of all those killed on the Arizona and their names are engraved on a marble wall. Upon entering the shrine room, the reverence and honor it is was intended to inspire is immediately noticeable. All persons are keenly aware that this is hallowed ground.

The memorial's architect was Alfred Preis. After years of fund raising efforts that began 1950, the memorial finally was dedicated in 1962.

The USS Arizona is no longer in commission, contrary to popular belief. A flag of the United States of America does fly above the sunken battleship. The flag is attached to a severed mainmast of the USS Arizona.

In recent years, the memorial has come to represent all the military and associated personnel killed at Pearl Harbor.


  • Navy 2001
  • Marine Corps 109
  • Army 231
  • Civilian 54

  • Navy 710
  • Marine Corps 69
  • Army 364
  • Civilian 35

  • Sunk or beached 12
  • Damaged 9

  • Destroyed 164
  • Damaged 159

All of the ships, with the exception of the USS Arizona, Utah and Oklahoma were salvaged and later saw action in World War II.

The Memorial and the Visitor Center are readily accessible from downtown Honolulu or Waikiki.

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