Pearl Harbor: Remembered
* In early January 1942, as the homefront became mobilized for war, posters and signs quickly began appearing across the United States. One of the earliest of the poster maker's art was the "Remember Dec. 7th!" poster shown here in miniature. It was created during the dark days soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is interesting to note that the first such poster's rallying cry dealt with the theme of "Dec 7th". As the war continued; however, and as public awareness increased, it became "Remember Pearl Harbor".

To view or download a larger size 43,000 byte .gif of this nostalgic memento,click on the picture.This beautifully detailed reproduction is best viewed off-line, with a good graphics viewer. If you examine it closely you can even see the paper "fold-marks" on the original poster. A nice collection of other classic WWII posters; available for downloading, can be found at J.D. Ross's web site. small poster

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