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Pearl Harbor and Arizona Memorial web cam from the "D.O.H.C" web site.

If you have RealPlayer with G2, you can click here (a link to the D.O.H.C. web site) and view a live streaming video of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. (When you connect to the site, click on the large static picture to start RealPlayer.)

Sometimes you will see the ferry operated by the Park Service and the U.S. Navy shuttling people to and from the memorial. The ferry will enter from the left of the screen, travel to the memorial, dock and discharge visitors.

Often you will see miscellaneous tour boats, work boats and U.S. Navy ship traffic in the harbor.

When you view the memorial, as seen by the cam, you will see its changing moods. depending on the hour of the day and the sky condition. It ranges from its early, bright and sure colors, to the more calm, dignified and watchful shades, to its dark, somber, and shadowy tones. A beautiful place; no matter the time.

This is a live feed. If you connect and see nothing but black and some bright spots of light, it's because the sun has not come up or has set in Hawaii. There is a five hour time difference between Hawaii time and Central Standard Time.

The Pearl Harbor cam is provided through the courtesy of D.O.H.C., Mark Miller and is linked with his permission.

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