In a county to the north, on a hill where ley (geometric energy) lines meet, is a small farm called....
The Croft At Fairies Hill

There, birds gather to sing, herbs flourish in the gardens and sheep and goats frolic while a beautiful donkey princess watches over them all.

And it is where the Fairies / Earth Angels are born.

Actually, Fairies have been with us for ages but because many people can’t see them, we don’t always know they are here. Yet, they continue to try to help us with their advice and healing love.

One day, the woman who lives on the hill and studies healing and talks to the fairies, decided to make some bodies for them. With clay, she formed heads and little arms and legs. Then she filled the bodies with herbs, balsam fir tips, wheat berries and raw sheeps wool.


Flower / Herbal / Healing / Frost & Blessing

Moonbeams / Sunbeams / Snowflakes


Her goats provided fleece for the fairies hair and she dyed it to the colors the fairies directed. As the woman worked, she began to see the fairies smiling at her from eyes she had just painted! Using a pendulum, she discovered that all their chakras were open! Finally! The fairies had a physical body! Soon, more and more fairies began to arrive, asking for a body so they could be seen. Each one eager to find their special person.

If you are drawn to a particular fairy, it is likely no coincidence. The fairies are so eager to be known that many people can hear their fairies speak to them within the first day and often within the first hour.

Has your fairy been trying to talk to you?

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