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Wisconsin Constitution


For the state sesquicentennial, we present a hypertext version of the Wisconsin Constitution of 1848 as amended through 1998:


Article I. Declaration of Rights

Article II. Boundaries

Article III. Suffrage

Article IV. Legislative

Article V. Executive

Article VI. Administrative

Article VII. Judiciary

Article VIII. Finance

Article IX. Eminent Domain and Property of the State

Article X. Education

Article XI. Corporations

Article XII. Amendments

Article XIII. Miscellaneous Provisions

Article XIV. Schedule

The text is based upon the official text published by the Revisor of Statutes Bureau [and including the revisor's section titles]. We omit the revisor's annotations. Ours is not itself an official text and should not be cited as such. Any errors in this hypertext version are the editor's. The official annotated text is published with the Wisconsin Statutes. The latest annotated text is available for download from the Revisor of Statutes Bureau in pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat reader) or in Folio format.

Revised May 21, 2003.