Appleton Public Library (APL)

Online Survey

In an effort to serve you better, the Appleton Public Library (APL) is embarking on a long-range planning process. As part of this effort, we are collecting information from the users of the library’s various services. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts and opinions about the online services that APL is currently offering. Thanks.

1.    How long have you been using a computer?

    a) less than three months

    b) 3 – 6 months

    c) 6 – 12 months

    d) 1 – 2 years

    e) 2 – 4 years

    f) 4 – 6 years

    g) more than 6 years

2.    How long have you been online?

a) less than three months

b) 3 – 6 months

c) 6 – 12 months

d)    1 – 2 years

e)    2 – 4 years

f)    4 – 6 years

g)    more than 6 years

3.    How long have you been using the APL’s online services?

a)    this is my first electronic visit

b)    less than one month

c)    1 – 6 months

d)    6 – 12 months

e)    1 – 2 years

f)    2 – 4 years

g)    4 – 6 years

h)    more than 6 years

4.    How frequently do you visit the APL’s web-site?

a)    this is my first electronic visit

b)    daily

c)    several times each week

d)    about once a week

e)    several times each month

f)    about once each month

g)    less than once a month

5.    Have you visitied the Appleton Public Library building in the last six months?

(if no, skip to question # 7)

6.    Approximately how many times have you visited the APL building in the last six months?

a)    1 - 2 times

b)    3 - 5 times

c)    6 - 10 times

d)    more than 10 times

7.    What services do you use when you visit the Appleton Public Library’s web-site?

(check all that apply)

a)    APL’s online catalog

b)    APL’s "Quick Reference" service

c)    APL’s "Kid’s Home Page"

d)    Links to other libraries

e)    Connection to "BadgerLink" databases

f)     Links to other full-text periodicals

g)    Connection to "Ask a Librarian" e-mail reference service

h)    Information about APL and it programs and services

i)    Links to other community resources

j)    Access to other databases

k)    local history resources

l)    lists of new books, videos, and CDs

m)    Links to other Internet sites

n)    Connection to FOCOL

8.    If you use APL’s links to other Internet sites, which categories or subjects do you go to most frequently?

a)    arts & museums

b)    automotive

c)    books & literature

d)    business

e)    computers

f)    consumers

g)    education

h)    entertainment

i)    genealogy

j)    general reference

k)    government

l)     health & medicine

m)    jobs

n)    kids

o)    law

p)    news

q)    politics

r)    seniors

s)    sports

t)    taxes

u)    travel

v)    weather

w)    Wisconsin

9.    Do you usually access APL’s web-site:

a)    from home?

b)    from work?

c)    from school?

d)    from someplace else? (please specify)


10.    Which of the following age groups includes your age?

a)    under 12 years old

b)    12 – 15

c)    16 – 18

d)    19 – 20

e)    21 – 25

f)    26 – 34

g)    35 – 49

h)    50 – 64

i)    65 – 74

j)    75 years old and over

11.    Please indicate your gender:

a)    female

b)    male

12.    Please indicate your place of residence:

a)    City of Appleton

b)    Fox Cities area (outside of City of Appleton)

c)    Wisconsin (outside of Fox Cities area)

d)    United States (outside of Wisconsin)

e)    Another country (outside of U.S.)

13.    Do you have any suggestions about how the Appleton Public Library can improve its web site?


Please click on DONE when you have completed the survey or click RESET to start over.

Thanks for your help!


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