The Comics Archives

Welcome to the Comics Archives! The purpose of this site is to provide a source of information on Golden Age and Silver Age comics and the characters therein. This archive includes a variety of reference works designed to enlighten and inform. It is hoped that these works will aid you, the collector in completing your collection of Golden and Silver Age Comics!


The Justice Society Fact File

A full, annotated history of the Justice Society of America and each of it's individual members.

The Golden Age Checklist

An issue by issue catalog of the Golden Age appearances of most major DC heroes.

The Golden Age Villian Fact File

A listing of all major DC super-villians from the Golden Age, including Silver Age and modern appearances

The Seven Soldiers of Victory Fact File

Coming soon!

Information on the Comic Archives

Information on the Comics Archives and the resources upon which it is founded.

HEY! What happened to the Silver Age Stuff??!?

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