La Crosse, Wisconsin

Military Veterans

Buried in La Crosse County Cemeteries

1800 - 1900

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These are the war veterans (War of 1812 - Post-Civil War Indian Wars) that are buried in various cemeteries in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. For further information on a veteran submit an e-mail request indicating which veteran you wish to know more about.


War of 1812
Seminole Indian Wars
Mexican War
Civil War
Indian Wars

Eventually more veterans will be added to this listing beginning with Spanish American War veterans.

Union Confederate

Iron Brigade

Old Abe Regiment (Eagle Regiment)

Commissioned Officers

Infantry Cavalry Artillery
Company Level
Infantry 2nd Lieutenant Cavalry 2nd Lieutenant Artillery 2nd Lieutenant
Infantry 1st Lieutenant Cavalry 1st Lieutenant Artillery 1st Lieutenant
Infantry Captain Cavalry Captain Artillery Captain
Regimental Level
Infantry Major Cavalry Major Artillery Major
Brigade Level
Infantry Lieutenant Colonel
Infantry Colonel
Corps Level
Major General

Miscellaneous Officers

Company and Regimental Staff Officers (Surgeons, Adjutants, etc.)

Naval Officers

1st and 2nd Engineers

Assistant Surgeon

Non-Commissioned Officers

InfantryCavalry Artillery
Infantry Corporal Cavalry Corporal Artillery Corporal
Infantry Sergeant Cavalry Sergeant Artillery Sergeant
Infantry 1st Sergeant Cavalry 1st Sergeant
Infantry Sergeant-Major Cavalry Sergeant-Major


Hospital Steward

Confederate Cavalry Sergeant

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