Venture Crew 2

2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Co. "B", 2nd Platoon

La Crosse, Wisconsin

© copyright, 2002, by Jeffery L. Blakeley

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of Venture Crew 2 is to portray historic impression of soldiers and civilian populace of the United States of America and to preserve, promote, and teach the history of the United States of America. Special emphasis is placed on the American Civil War.

Current Member Goals

It is the goal of the members of this Crew to attain proficiency in drill, authenticity in dress, and to have the general etiquette and knowledge of a soldier in the Civil War era.

Leader and Committee Goals

It is the goal of the adult leadership of this Crew to train the youth members in drill, dress, etiquette and knowledge of the era. It is also the goal of the adult leadership to field youth members at the reenactments at North Freedom 2002, Norskedalen 2002, and the national reenactment at Antietam, MD 2002.

It is also the goal of the adult leadership by the end of the campaign season in the year 2002 to turn over to the youth membership the training and leadership of new members. It will be the adult leadership's responsibility to mentor and assist in any way possible the members giving the training.

All interested youth aged 14 to 21 are welcome to join this highly motivated Crew at any time.

National Event

The national event for the 2002 season is Antietam, MD. 2nd WI Association is taking a bus again this year and all are encouraged to avail themselves of this opportunity.

2002 Membership


Capt. Peter Seielstad

Cpl. Jeff Blakeley

Cpl. Don Freemore

Pvt. Scott Blakeley

Pvt. Fred Green

Crew Members

Pvt. Matthew Hundt

Pvt. Ben Miller

Pvt. Jordan Wilms

Pvt. Thomas Mueller

Miss Katherine Blakeley

Miss Emily Blakeley

Pvt. Joseph Anderson

Pvt. Erick C. Blaising

Pvt. Kyle Sulik

Pvt. B. J. Freemore

Interested potential new members

Minutes of the Last Meeting

2002 Schedule

Crew Meetings will be held during events during the season. We will resume regular meetings in the fall after the Norskedalen Event.


4-7 - Shiloh National Event

13 - Norskedalen work day

20 - School of the Soldier (2nd WI Ass'n) Event, Poinette, WI

26-28 - Keokuk, Iowa Event


4 - Living History Static Demonstration - WI Dept of Tourism - La Crosse, WI

10 - 7:00 pm, Company B Meeting, Methodist Church, King St. La Crosse, WI

17 - West Salem School Days

18 - Armed Forces Day, Ft. McCoy, WI

19 - Wesby Parade, Wesby, WI

27 - Memorial Day Parade, La Crosse, WI

27 - Military Timeline Program, Oak Grove Cemetery, La Crosse, WI


21-23 - Rockford, IL Event


5-7 - Wauconda, IL Event

12 - 7:00 pm, Company B Meeting

12-14 - North Freedom Event

12-14 - Escanaba, MI Event

19-21 - Hastings, MI Event


2-4 - Boscobel, WI Event

9-11 - Green Bay, WI Event

16-18 - Clintonville, WI Event


6-8 - Lockport, IL Event

13 - 7:00 pm, Company B Meeting

12-15 - Antietam, MD National Event

27-29 - Greenbush, WI Event (Wade House)


4-6 - Princeton, IL Event

11-13 - Coon Valley, WI Event (Norskedalen)

12 - Company B Meeting at Norskedalen Event


11 - 7:00 pm, Company B Meeting

15-17 - Gettysburg Remembrance Day Event


14 - Company B Christmas Party

Text: © copyright 2002, by Jeffery L. Blakeley