Works by Florizel von Reuter

(Revised October 19, 2002)

This list based is on compositions that we have been able to find the scores to or references to in von Reuter's writings.    We have included all the information that we have on these.    We would appreciate any additional information on these or other works.

Musical Compositions

  1. Alcazar

  2. An den Süssen Wassern

  3. Ceres

  4. Chaconne and Fugue for Orchestra and Organ

  5. Chanconne and Fugue for Grand Orchestra

  6. Chanson Triste for violin and piano

  7. Classical Suite for Chamber Orchestra

  8. Classical Suite for Two Oboes, Strings and Piano

  9. Classical Suite for Strings and Piano

  10. Concerto in D-minor for Violin and Orchestra

  11. Concerto for Violin in E-minor

  12. Concerto Grosso for Two Solo Violins and Orchestra

  13. Concerto Grosso for Two Solo Violins and Stings

  14. Critical Edition of Paganini's D-Major Violin Concerto with cadenza by Florizel von Reuter

  15. Danses Roumaines

  16. Des Zufalls kecke Gabe

  17. Die Brauteiche

  18. Dionysus

  19. Ein Roeslein

  20. Gavotte for strings and piano

  21. Habanera for Grand Orchestra

  22. Homo Victor, Symphony in C-Major for Grand Orchestra

  23. Hypatia

  24. Im Walde

  25. Introduction and Scherzo-Tarantella for Two Violins

  26. Konzert in C moll für Klavier und Orchester.

  27. Laendler, German Dance for strings and piano

  28. Levantinisches Stimmungsbild for Grand Orchestra

  29. Liebesnacht im Schloss; Komisch Opera

  30. Mass in E-flat Major

  31. Mazurka de Concert for violin and piano

  32. Menuet for Chamber Orchestra

  33. Miniature Suite for Strings and Piano

  34. A Portrait Gallery, for violin and piano (with an arrangement for Orchestra)

  35. Portraits of Old Masters

  36. Postmeister Wyrin

  37. Rhapsodie for Violin and Orchestra

  38. Reverie for Viola

  39. Roumania, Suite for Orchestra

  40. Eine Schottische Rhapsodie for Violin and Orchestra

  41. Sonata for Violin Alone

  42. Souvenir an Gesina

  43. String Quartet in E-flat minor

  44. MAX REGER Symphonic Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 147 (compl. Florizel von Reuter)

  45. Symphony in F-minor

  46. Variations on a Sailor's Hornpipe

  47. Variations on Three Carnival Themes for Grand Orchestra

  48. Variationen über ein eigenes Trauermarsch-Thema (cantus firmus), ausgabe für violine allein

  49. Variations and Fugue on a Cantus Firmus for Grand Orchestra

  50. The Wind in the Poplars

  51. Zeus

Arrangements of Other Composers' Music

  1. Sonata a preghiera con variazioni

  2. Rondos by Johann Nepomuk Hummel Arranged for violin and piano

  3. Rondo à cappriccio by Ludwig van Beethoven arranged for violin and piano

  4. Airs with variations on George Frideric Handel's The Harmonious Blacksmith arranged for violin and piano

  5. Danse arabe

  6. Farewell Symphony of Franz Josef Hayden Arranged for strings, piano, oboe and horn

  7. Old American Negro Songs Arranged for violin and piano

  8. Seranade of Mozart arranged for strings, piano, oboe and horn

  9. Six Caprices by Pietro Locatelli in Suite Form

  10. Violin Sonata of Cesar Franck arranged for full orchestra as a symphony score

Technical Works on Music and Music Commentary

  1. Führer durch die Solo-Violinmusik: ein Skizze ihrer Entstehung und Entwicklung mit kritischer Betrachtung ihrer Hauptwerke

  2. Die Physiologie der Bogenführung auf den Streich-Instrumenten

  3. Immortal Masterpieces of Grand Opera

  4. Critical Edition of Nicolo Paganini's 24 Caprices

Books and Essays on the Occult

  1. The Edwin Drood Case: New Light on the Mystery

  2. Psychical Experiences of a Musician

  3. The Consoling Angel

  4. A Musician Talks with Unseen Friends


  1. The Twilight of the Gods: Hitler's Berlin

  2. Maiden Worlds Unconquered

  3. The Master From Afar

  4. A Portrait Gallery

  5. Who am I? A Mystery of the Mountains


  1. Great People I Have Known


  1. Masters of the Bow

  2. The Recorded Violin

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