WELCOME to Joe Fox's Classic G.M. Truck Site. I am located in Waukesha, WI., (which is just West of Milwaukee, WI.), and I am a member of the National Chevy/GMC Truck Association. Most of the information here is for 1955 - '59 Chevrolet/GMC Trucks, but several of the new truck parts suppliers that I have listed, have parts for G.M. trucks, 1972 and earlier. I do not have a catalog of my own, because I only sell USED 1955 - '59 Chevrolet/GMC truck parts, and because of that, my inventory is always changing. Just click on your area of interest below.

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There is an "electronic mail list" for those of you that have 1947-'59 Chevrolet/GMC Trucks, or at least has an interest in them. To join the group, simply send a blank e-mail message to: majordomo@autox.team.net, with subscribe oletrucks, use only lower-case letters. Include your e-mail address, no other message is necessary, then send the message. Soon you will receive acknowledgement of your subscription and you will start receiving the correspondence of the group.

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