Dinosaur Field Expeditions

My name is John Krolikowski and I have been on a number of paleontological field expeditions.  It all started for me back in "88 when I went with the Milwaukee Public Museum to Montana.  The picture to the left is me trying to expose the ulna of Edmontosaurus annectens.  Question: If you answer yes to any of these questions, then check out the following sites!  Typically, participants pay a share of the expedition costs and prices do vary.  Orginally this page was intended for the US and Canada, in the future it will provide information globally. 

  • Alberta Digs
  • Colorado Digs
  • Florida Digs
  • Kansas Digs
  • Montana Digs
  • North Dakota Digs
  • Marmarth Research Foundation has collecting trips this summer
  • Wyoming Digs
  • Wyoming Dinosaur Center Dig for a Day with scientists as they discover, collect, and document Jurassic dinosaur fossils.

  • The picture to the left is members of the Royal Tyrrell Museum carrying Euoplocephalus material back to the lab.  After the skeleton had been exposed, it was carefully divided and plastered into blocks of a manageable size.  From left to right are Dr. Don Brinkman, Dr. Dave Eberth, Brian Matthews, and grad. students, Natalia Rybzynski, Vaia Barkas and Matt Vickaryous.


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