GMO 50 in Milwaukee

GMO 50 in Milwaukee

This beautiful heavyweight observation car was spotted under the 6th St. "ramp" at Milwaukee's Amtrak station on March 5 awaiting shipment to its owner. It was reportedly refurbished by Avalon Rail Inc. in West Allis, Wis. and it appears to be GM&O business car #50. I could not find additional information on this car as it does not appear on the AAPRCO list.

Other photos of it are available at:
- Behind Amtrak (Fallen Flags)
- Original Paint (Rick's Train Pages)

GMO logo

"The Rebel Route" GM&O logo is spectacular, as is the rest of the lettering.

GMO 50 side #1

The car shines so much it was hard to get a decent picture of it under the ramp.

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