Rules for WISE Division's Popular Vote Contest
Effective December 2002

Awards: 1st Place: Award certificate and a $10 gift certificate.
2nd Place: Award certificate.
Best of Show: Personalized plaque and a $10 gift certificate.
Youth Award: 1st Place: Award certificate and a $10 gift certificate.
2nd Place: Award certificate.

Motive Power - SteamNon-Revenue Equipment
Motive Power - DieselSlides-Prototype
Structures (on and off-line)Photos - Prototype
Passenger EquipmentPhotos - Model
Freight EquipmentGeneral (includes dioramas and trains)

1) The contest is open to all persons attending the meet.
2) The model must be the work of the person entering the model.
3) Models can be of prototype or free-lanced railroads.
4) Models can be of any scale or gauge.
5) Models can be kitbuilt, kitbashed, or scratchbuilt.
6) Persons entering must apply to a category. However, the Contest Chairman will determine the category in which model will be entered.
7) Only two entries per person per category are permitted.
8) If only one person has entered a model, slide, or photo in a category, a "No Contest" will be declared. However, the model, slide, or photo will still be eligible for the Best Of Show Award.
9) If an entry has previously won a first place award in its category, it may not be reentered in that category. However, if a structure/loco/car has won an award in its category, it may be reentered on a diorama entry (General Category). If a piece of equipment wins in its category, it may be entered in a train (General Category).
10) All categories listed above will be grouped together under the Youth category. Entrants must be 14 years of age or younger and must have done 50% or more of the work on the model.
11) Matted photos cannot be larger than 11 by 14 inches. Voting:

All voting will be by ballot, one ballot per person, by those persons attending the meet. Ballots are to be tabulated by the Contest Chairperson and committee. The Superintendent, or his representative, will not vote by ballot, but will cast a tie-breaking vote in any category where the popular vote is tied. Return to the Contest Room.

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