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The PBS series Tracks Ahead is produced by WMVS/WMVT in Milwaukee, Wis. Tracks Ahead series 1 through 5 were re-released to all Public TV stations in the summer of 2002. Please contact your local affiliate to inquire about dates and times. For more information on the series from WMVS/WMVT, visit their Tracks Ahead page.

Tracks Ahead VI (6) began airing in January of 2006 in the Milwaukee area. To find out what they are covering, visit Making Tracks. This series is in high definition and the primary underwriters are World's Greatest Hobby, Kalmbach Publishing Co., and Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. See the Tracks Ahead page for more information.

As in the last series, Spencer Christian is the host. The segments in Tracks Ahead VI are also similar to the last series which feature stories on prototype, model, personalities, and specials.

Program Schedules (per series)

Tracks Ahead VI (released January 2006)
Host: Spencer Christian
Tracks Ahead V (released 2001)
Host: Spencer Christian
Tracks Ahead IV (released Spring 1998)
Host: Spencer Christian
Tracks Ahead III (released Fall 1995)
Host: Spencer Christian
Tracks Ahead II (released Fall 1993)
Host: Ward Kimball (later redone with Spencer Christian)
Tracks Ahead I (released 1990)
Host: Chuck Zehner (later redone with Spencer Christian)


I do not work for PBS, WMVS or WMVT, and my pages are not official representation of the series. I was good friends with one of the show's producers, the late Chuck Zehner, who supplied me with this information, asked me post it in a web site, and gave me permission to use the text and graphics. I also am a member of the local PBS Friends organization and believe in supporting public television.
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