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This site is dedicated to the search and preservation of the KEYES family ancestry.

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More on our 8th great grandfather

Launcelot Granger


Granger Maple tree planted by Launcelot in 1674.
It was removed in 1922 at 248 years old.
Suffield, CT

Lady is resting at believed burial place of
Launcelot & Joanna Granger
Old Suffield Cemetery, Suffield, CT

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Launcelot Granger       
b. England; d. 3 Sep 1689, Suffield, CT; m. 4 Jan 1653/54, Newbury, MA, Joanna Adams; dau. of Robert Adams & Eleanor Wilmot;
b. ca. 1633, England; d. 1701, Suffield, CT.

       1       John Granger, b. 15 Jan 1654/55, Newbury, MA.
    2‑2       Thomas Granger, b. Newbury, MA; m. Mindwell Taylor.
    3‑3       George Granger, b. 23 Nov 1658, Newbury, MA; m. Lydia Younglove.
       4       Robert Granger, b. Newbury, MA; d. 8 Aug 1709, Suffield, CT.
    4‑5       Mary Granger, b. Newbury, MA; m. (1) John Burbank; m. (2) John Austin.
    5‑6       Elizabeth Granger, b. 13 Mar 1662, Newbury, MA; m. Victory Sikes.
    6‑7       Dorothy Granger, b. 17 Feb 1665, Newbury, MA; m. Robert Old.
    7‑8       Rebecca Granger, b. Newbury, MA; m. Joseph Woolcot.
    8‑9       Samuel Granger, b. 2 Aug 1668, Newbury, MA; m. Ester Hanchett.
    9‑10     Hannah Granger, b. Newbury, MA; m. Thomas Taylor.
   10‑11    Abraham Granger, b. 17 Apr 1673, Newbury, MA; m. (1) Hannah Hanchett; m. (2) Hannah.

 They lived at Newbury, MA and Suffield, CT.  FamilySearch gives a possible English ancestry:
There was a Lancelot Granger b,. 25 Jun 1637 Shellington, Bedfordshire, England, son of Lancelot Granger.
See Suffield, CT, ,, (30) first families.

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Project 2011

Trace and document Mayflower John ALDEN lineage to other GOULD/GRANGER/SCHARINGER family members.

The Wisconsin Mayflower Society

Society Of Mayflower Descendants News

Six family members have been accepted.
Research is in progress for establishing other family member lineage.
Junior membership is encouraged for those under 18 years of age.

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Notes & News,

SAR/DAR lineage has been documented.

Huguenot lineage is being investigated.

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                                                        Help Needed

Searching for the Robert Adams (b. 1602) shears.

The shears Robert Adams used in his tailoring business are now (1885) in possession of Deborah Adams, wife of Rev. John Pike, of Rowley, and daughter of Col. Daniel Adams of Newbury. I saw and handled these shears at their house the 9th of Oct., 1873.--I. Smith Adams.

source: Newbury Adams Family Genealogy. Smith Adams.1895 Call Number R929.2A17

The shears with which Robert Adams wrought and which he brought with from England--a large pair, hand-made--are now in the possession of descendant, Stephen P. Hale of Newbury. The year of the preceding statement is unknown.

Robert Adams is the 9th great grandfather of the Scharinger cousins. E-mail the Webmaster with any information.
Mar 13 2009

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