Shure Vocal Master PA
Vintage P.A. Head with Matching Speaker

This is a Shure Vocal Master six-channel P.A. system with one matching Shure tower speaker.  My dad acquired the system from the New Berlin (WI) Eisenhower High School Band in the late 1980's and it has been in our possession ever since.  We used it maybe ten times over the years.  You probably know that these PA systems were a standard piece of stage equipment decades ago.  If you're looking for true, vintage sound, this combo delivers!  Features include bass, treble, and reverb controls on each channel, four anti-feedback switches, and built-in spring reverb.

Cosmetically, it's what you'd expect for its age.  It's plenty worn and dirty, but not beyond anything typical as the pictures show.  Channel six is missing the "Reverb In/Out" switch and does not work at all, and channel two only works intermittently.  The other four channels, the speaker, and everything else on this P.A. works fine.  The dials are a bit scratchy when adjusted as would be expected, but working them back and forth helps.  I tested the P.A  thoroughly prior to putting it up for auction, and gaurantee this system looks and works as good as described here.

The first reasonable offer will be accepted.  Please email your offer.

Pickup Location:

The PA system is available for pickup in Greenfield (a southwestern suburb of Milwaukee).

Cash or prepayment with Paypal.

The PA looks like it's bulging in the middle, but that's only because my digital camera was in macro mode.

Volume control on rear of speaker